Storage 2.0 Preview

Today we share insights into the development status of a major improvement which has been requested by the Community. The Citizen Council communicated your wishes for a storage feature redesign during the last Council meeting, and now it’s time to preview the results…

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A new section in your CORETECHS

The CORETECHS will provide new storage management functionality in a new section. It will contain detailed information and three management options: Items, Storage Management, and Transit Items.

Items Page

The current storage locker list helps to indicate how many items you stored, and where. But, in our growing universe, filled with busy scavengers, traders and gatherers, this approach had reached its limits. As per your wish, a new page will soon support your business in more comfy way, providing an effective overview even for Citizens owning tons of goods!

The W.I.P. mock-up reveals the evolution: the former text list will turn into a graphical UI, showing all items with artwork. Additionally, various filters will be at your service. Want to check per item type or tier? No problem. Further options will allow you to narrow down your possessions by location, either by system and/or selected stations.

But that’s not all! Your items will be sorted by type and by name. Thus, stuff of the same kind will automatically be “grouped”. Another new tool is the search function, which will especially help Citizens with large collections to carry out comfortable and efficient item management.

UI of the "storage" page: various filter options like item type and location are arranged in a box on the left while 80% of the screen shows many storage slots with item pictures inside while their frames indicate each item's rarity.For a fee you will even be able to send items from one storage to another.

Items in transit

Another new page will provide an overview about what’s being shipped across the universe. The basic sorting is per destination station. As with the item page, you will be able to apply various filters, such as item types, tiers, systems or stations.

The overall page lists all items with their artwork icons, the quantity, status, starting station, and the arrival time. Even when detail lists per station are collapsed, the headline still shows you the quantity of transfers.

UI of "Items in Transit": similar to the storage UI, a box groups various filter options, while the major part of the screen is used for a table. For each station you see the item name with a small picture, the quantity, status like "in transit", departure station and arrival time. Headlines per list are the station names while the total amount of items is indicated in brackets.
Clicking on an item will open a pop-up, showing more item details with bigger artwork and additional information like mass and shipping costs.

Another snippet of the page "Items in Transit". A popup shows the detail of view an item that was selected. Besides a big picture you get additional information like mass or transition costs.

Managing Storage Space… Remotely!

A special request from your Citizen Council was to add a universal management system for storage space, because with the increasing number of stations, local storage management gets less and less practical.  This made absolute sense and therefore, your wish is our command! In the future you’ll be able to manage storage space right from your CORETECHS with no need to travel anymore.

The standard view will always show the stations (and storage) of the system you’re currently in. A table shows all stations with their local storage size, including numbers of total and used slots. Action buttons allow you to instantly take new storage or expand existing ones on every station.

With additional filters, it’s also possible to show all systems and all stations of our current universe; which empowers all Citizens prepare their storage needs in advance even at stations you didn’t visit yet!

The "Manage Storage Space" page. The filter box has the options to either see only the current system or all systems. The main screen shows a table per system, listing every station. Columns are Station, Storage Size, Slots Taken (like 15/100) and action buttons to either "add" some storage space or "expand" existing space.

Mobile Preview

As usual, all improvements will also be available for mobile devices.

Mobile UI of the Item page filters Mobile UI of the storage page filters (to show only details about the local system or all).

All this will be yours soon…

Revealing the good news at the end: these new and improved storage features will be part of the next game update! The team already made a lot of progress, we’re about to perform first tests soon. A realistic ETA for the release is September 2019.