Status Report: June 2018

In June, several new features have been rolled out. New PvE campaigns are available in some station’s Ruins, new multi-stims boost more than one stat, you can re-explore missions and in case of death, your gear is now saved and can be picked up at the Gov’t Center of the station you died on. Eight new University courses for combat have been unlocked, credits from career tasks go to straight your bank account now, ship captain’s have reduced maintenance times and you can trade or gift VIP packs again! Read on to see more details and learn about the development plans for July.

New Features

  • Campaigns – At the Ruins of some stations, level 5+ citizens can now “Enter the Sewers” to start special PvE campaigns. Each victory gets rewarded, and the final enemy holds extra loot.
  • Genetically Bound Items – A few items are now bound to you and cannot be taken by others. A text line and an icon indicate it.
  • Items: New multi-stims boost more than one stat, available at the sewers.
  • Items: 17 new items or new pictures have been added, replacing interim placeholders.
  • Re-Exploring Missions – You can replay almost all missions.
  • Re-Spawn: Save Items – When re-spawning after death, all items are now held at the Government Center on the station where your character died. No one can steal those.
  • Skills – 8 new combat courses are available now at according Universities.

Important changes

  • Career (tasks) – Task payments now go to your bank account instead of your wallet.
  • Ships (durations) – Ship repairing and refueling takes much less time.
  • Stats (accessibility) – Following a suggestion: stat html structure reverted to lists.
  • Trading (VIP packs) – You can trade VIP packs again. For now, the only VIP pack which is “genetically bound” is the one given in the tutorial mission.

Various Improvements & Changes

  • Confirmation dialogue (bonds) – A confirmation box has been added to actions when a new citizen with level 1 is about the spend bonds.
  • Focus consumption in Ruins (VIP) – Successful scavenging now consumes 10 Focus instead of 15 for VIP players as it was intended.
  • Mission “In the Name of Honor” (reward) – Increased reward to better cover travel costs.
  • Profiles (link) – Names in blogs and forums now link to the author’s profile.
  • Public Market (filter) – You can now filter market items by VIP packs.
  • Training Stats (Genotypes) – The feedback now shows the Genotype bonus too.

Planned for July 2018

In June, a lot was achieved. Some planned features are quite complex and will be continued in July. Here are the main plans for the next month:

  • Syndicates – First features for the multiplayer cooperation, such as foundation, headquarters with first buildings, the (basic) membership management, and a dedicated chat channel for your team.
  • New Missions – Some new adventures will be rolled out again.
  • Market Vendors – Improving the UI of NPC vendors by adding icons.
  • Tool Tips – Adding hover descriptions to a lot of game icons.
  • Multi-Stims – Improving the new items.
  • New Items – Additional artwork will be added again.

Some Update Impressions

UI of a sewer campaign after re-balancing: the final enemy will drop 2 random items and 10 bonds
Detail view of a genetically bound mission item
3 of the many new items: Rhenium Club, Homemade Machete, Time-Worn Stun Batton
Your list of completed missions hold the re-exploration option for most missions
In case of death, you can pick up your gear at the Gov’t Center of the station where you “died”
A VIP pack offered at the Public Market; the VIP filter is back again too


You can find a short, detailed summary of every single update in their according changelogs, which we have been publishing on an a regular basis since we started the Closed Alpha Test. Here are all of the changelogs for June 2018:

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The status reports contain major aspects of the work done on Tau Station each month. As we’ve started to provide changelogs for every game update, you can find way more details, including all smaller changes, in these dedicated posts. Links to all updates / changelogs that happened this month are listed above.