Start Your Adventure in Tau Station Now

Today marks the end of Closed Alpha and the birth of Tau Station! Today we celebrate by opening access to everyone, for discovery and exploration of the Tau Station universe.

For those who love to read, love to play, and love science, Tau Station offers a unique narrative experience which evolves with your choices. But be warned, in a post-Catastrophe galaxy where most people are just struggling to survive, there isn’t always a clear way forward or a happy ending to be found.

Hone your perseverance. Humanity still doesn’t know who or what caused the Catastrophe: the horrific near annihilation of  humanity. Or whether it’s going to happen again …

Now that you’ve been warned, enjoy the freedom to become who you want to be in Tau Station! The universe awaits.

The Universe is Open to Everyone now!

  • Join us – Sign-up here and start playing. Invitations are no longer needed!
  • Progress – You will keep your progress; there will be no resets.
  • Devices – Access your account via browser from PC, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Accessibility – We follow WCAG 2.0 AA standards.
  • PEGI – The game is rated PEGI-3.

Some starting tips for you

Here is a summary of useful on-boarding tips for everyone joining.

Tau Station is more than a game. Tau Station is a universe in perpetual evolution. Every week and every month, you will see new stories and new gameplay come to life, and you can be part of it. As a player, and as a character, never hesitate to talk to us or to share with us via the forum and the chat.

…and here is a glimpse on upcoming features!

  • New missions, stations, and even entire star systems
  • New items
  • Level-Cap raise (currently 25)
  • New skills
  • Music
  • Crafting
  • Syndicates & Syndicate Market
  • New Careers
  • Starships (become a captain)
  • Ice Mining
  • Elite-style trading
  • and more …

Weekly content updates

Please keep in mind that like any games in development, Tau Station is still evolving, and will go through changes based on your feedback and our development of the game. Full release is scheduled for never, as we wish for Tau Station to keep growing beyond the hundreds of stars currently inhabited by humanity.

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Fan sites – If you want to create a fan site, please read this announcement about our simple guidelines of using game assets on your site.

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