Shop Grand Opening & Next Steps!

Tau Station has been in Closed Alpha since the beginning of January and we’ve been getting fantastic support from the first Community members who have joined the test. We’re very happy about all of the feedback and suggestions. Around 100 of all participants did the first feedback survey so far, and we’re happy to see an average rating of 7.4 even with the game still in its Alpha state. On top to that, the gaming activity and login frequency are awesome; some of you have already reached level 10+! It seems we have delivered something that you’ve been enjoying. In order to keep delivering it, we need your help!

With today’s game update, the Shop has been activated, and you can further support the future development and service of Tau Station by acquiring bonds or VIP packs. By doing so, you can help test the Store’s capabilities and help us offset the cost of developing the game. What do you get out of this? Aside from our eternal gratitude, and the knowledge that you were instrumental in helping this game come to fruition, there are several benefits that you can enjoy:


Bonds can be used in many different ways that can help you achieve your goals in-game at a faster rate. Bonds allow you to shorten or even eliminate the time you need to spend on various activities. With bonds you can access special services, like express shuttles, which leave immediately (no more waiting in the Port for your shuttle!). You can also get premium clones, bribe guards for extra rations, hire personal trainers to get a bonus on stats improvements, and many other things.

VIP Packages

VIP package effects last for days and provide multiple benefits:

  • Experience gain is 50% greater
  • Focus is raised to 150%
  • Stat regeneration is faster
  • Toxin levels lower 50% faster
  • Up to 30 days rations can be saved for you in the Government Center
  • You can always buy/renew a Gaule visa in a Government Center without flying to another station for a Gaule Embassy
  • VIPs can always buy a shuttle ticket, even if the shuttle is full
  • Bank withdrawal fees are lower

Moving on: Next steps for the game

We want to continue the close cooperation we have with our young Community by delivering features you’ve asked for, and to do that, we hope you will continue providing the awesome support that you have been giving us.

Keeping your game progress!

One important topic that has been discussed a lot is the potential reset of Closed Alpha accounts. We promised that we want to avoid a reset and here’s the good news: You will keep your game progress and can continue developing your character!

Inviting further adventurers

There will also soon be a new wave of additional adventurers coming aboard to test the game. Assuming all goes well, we will open registration soon!

Upcoming Features

To give you an idea about some upcoming features:

Feature Status
New items In progress
Electronic Market (Player trades) In development
PvE campaigns In development
Multiplayer PvE campaigns In planning
More missions per station In development
Avatars In 3D modeling
Opening Barnard’s Star system In planning
Syndicates (guilds) In planning
Small private ships Awaiting release
Private chat In planning

(Note: We could make the ships available now, but there are some balancing and planning issues which have blocked this)

Long Term Goals

  • Per-system artwork
  • Crafting
  • Syndicate missions
  • Space Combat
  • Elite-style bulk commodity trading
  • In-game social network
  • Bounty hunting
  • Asteroid/Ice mining
  • Salvage runs on derelict ships and stations
  • Psychiatrists
  • Elections
  • Station Management
  • Rebuilding derelict space stations (syndicates might even get their own station!)
  • More clues about the nature of the Catastrophe
  • … and much, much more

Ethical Fair Play

Tau Station follows the ethical fair play model. You do not have to pay for Tau Station. We also don’t have pay-to-win or level caps. If you decide to play for free, you have the freedom of doing everything as someone who decided to support the game by using the Shop. Even the bonds and VIP packs can be found via scavenging in the Ruins. You can also buy VIP packs from in-game vendors, using the bonds you find or earn during your regular gaming activity. On top of all of this, you can earn free bonds every day if you have a career and are active in the game. The amount you earn even increases with your personal career level.

In short, anything you can do in the game is available via time, skill, or money. By following the ethical fair play model, we believe we’re providing the best service to our Community. We also believe that every active adventurer, no matter if they invested something or not, enriches our game. Why? Because together we bring more life and activity to Tau Station; with our decisions, actions and interaction. Every single Community member provides a richer universe for everyone!

Supporting Tau Station

Now we’re ready. While Tau Station is free to play, it’s not free to build or support. While it’s a labor of love for us that we’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into, we have to have a viable business. Thus, if you have the money and want to continue to support our development, please visit the shop and buy bonds or VIP packages.

The money spent not only gains you benefits, but makes it easier for us to further realize the universe of Tau Station to provide you with years of interstellar adventure. – Thank you very much!

Ovid for the entire Tau Station team