Ship Spotters Special Issue: SHIPYARDS!

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Welcome back, ship spotters! Today, we have a very special issue of the galaxy’s number one feed for all matters craft and vessel-related for you. This edition is a real treat and covers my recent pilgrimage, across five systems, to all the known shipyards! As always, I – Cosmo Sheridan – am your guide. Join me star hoppers!


I began my journey at the Købe Ship Construction Yard in København. I grabbed my usual spot on the viewing platform and camped out for the whole day. This immense facility, jutting out into space, is one of the busiest spots on the station. There’s wreck runners and shipwrights, coming in and out at all segments!

I spotted dozens of ships undergoing maintenance at the docks. It was a great selection, everything from small private transports to large Consortium Navy cruisers and frigates. The incredible engineers working on the ships come up with ingenious ways to repair and improve them all, and I was lucky enough to see it in live-action!

Cosmo’s Counsel: Fellow Captains, if you’re in the market for a Private Shuttle, this is where you can find it! Why use public travel when you can traverse the stars on your own ship!


Staying in the Sol system, my next stop was the shipyard on Daedalus, which the locals call the Loading Zone. While it is not as exciting or crowded as some of the others, it does give the opportunity for some up-close and personal inspection. I was able to get a sneak peek while engineers were outfitting a private carrier!

The majority of the ships I saw on that day were large cargo vessels of the Promethean Sect, all branded with the symbol of a green right hand on their hulls. These trade ships, transporting the precious phosphorus, go through rigorous maintenance and inspection. A great way to spend a few segments!

Cosmo’s Counsel: Like on København, one can find some great Private Shuttles for sale here. Last I checked, there were a few left, so don’t delay in getting one!

Yards of Gadani

I then traveled to Yards of Gadani in the Alpha Centauri A system, known for its ship dismantling industry; a reputation that benefits the shipyard immensely. Various types of vessels can be purchased here, spliced together using scraps and parts gathered on the station.

Here you can spy on the activities of Chamberlain Shipyards, a new player in the market. With a growing reputation and top-notch advertising, they are at the forefront of private ship management in the system. Besides selling semi-new vessels, the repairs and enhancements they provide at the docks are considered exceptional within the industry. As their slogan goes – “Cruise the galaxy in style with Chamberlain Shipyards.”

Cosmo’s Counsel: Speed enthusiasts, this is for you! Besides Private Shuttles, one can also buy the galaxy-famous Razorback here. Rumored to make the Earth-Mars run in under 13 hours, you won’t find a faster ship for purchase currently in the market! 

The Maid of Orléans

For my next stop, I got myself a visa and visited The Maid of Orléans station in the Barnard’s Star system. The shipyard was my goal, to see the BlomVoss Ship Construction facility with my own two eyes. A dream since I was a small boy, the brand BlomVoss is a sign of premium quality for over 300 cycles!

BV handles both private vessels but also has significant business contracts with the Gaule Protectorate military. I saw numerous cruisers being retrofitted with enhanced weapons systems and advanced drive units, before being ushered away by a patrol of Gaule security officers. What a thrill it was!

Cosmo’s Counsel: While I didn’t see any available ships for purchase as I was there, it is rumored that private Bulk Carriers and Freighters are being contracted and could be for sale in the distant future! Stay tuned for further updates!

The House of Congo

For my penultimate leg of my trip, I hopped on a private vessel to the Sirius A system, heading to The House of Congo and the shipyard on that station. First things first, I got myself a Varangian Guard, you can never be too careful with the Freebooters! With that sorted, I went to the shipyard, easily one of the more colorful and chaotic places I have ever been to.

I found all kinds of vessels within, brightly decorated with neon holo-graffiti, mainly to mask the ship underneath all that! I discovered “liberated” Consortium and Gaule frigates as well as some unusual private ships used by the Caracals. Anytime spent on a Freebooter station is exciting, but the strange selection of vessels I encountered made this visit even more memorable!

Cosmo’s Counsel: Captains and collectors, here’s a scoop for you! The Mantis Class Private Cruiser can be purchased here. Hurry, before it’s sold out! For an in-depth analysis, check out Frasier the Crane’s review on his feed, The Crane’s Critique.

Orwell Stronghold

My final stop was also my favorite. The greatest ship spotting location in the known galaxy! I am of course referring to the BD Shipyard Services on Orwell Stronghold. Benevolent Dynamics manage this ultra advanced and modern shipyard, run by the very best of their highly-skilled engineers and shipwrights.

The affluent all travel through here with their luxurious private vessels, either on their way to or back from Spirit of Tianjin. I was part of a huge group of fellow ship fanatics, all clamored together on the viewing platforms. We saw unique and unusual spacecraft, from every system, waiting in line for high-quality upgrades and repairs. I was really living the dream!

Cosmo’s Counsel: During my brief stay, there were no new ships for private sale. But following “off-the-record” interviews with BD staff, I have heard that soon, Private Cargo Shuttles might be making an appearance here. Follow my feed for any new developments to this story!


Fellow spotters, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my extensive research trip through the stars! Until next time, yours truly – Cosmo