Writing Challenge: Create a Collectible!

Hear ye, hear ye, Citizens: the crew has a big announcement for you today, a request to share your imaginative ideas with us!

New Collectible and Description

It’s time to make this universe truly yours, to add your own personal touch! We’re challenging you to imagine a virtual collectible all Citizens will carry around with them as they travel across the universe, something which represents your home of Tau Station. What would this item be?

Our newest Citizens are reminded that Tau Station is the peaceful capital of the Consortium, as well as one of the safest places in the galaxy. It houses the highly-respected University of Tau Station, impressive markets, clothier, and vendors for all your shopping needs, and for those a little more daring – the Red Zones.

From this Tuesday, Oct 6, until Friday, Oct 9, we want YOU to let run your imagination run wild and help create a brand new collectible on Tau Station (the game)… for Tau Station (the place). The most original suggestion will appear in-game as a new collectible! Channel your creativity (nanite injection-derived or not) to come up with an item that represents your journey through this universe, as well as your beloved home, Tau Station.

An Example from the Past

The Egg collectible of the Reclamation Day event, with below its picture the description: "During the final Reclamation ceremony, Citizens upload their reclaimed histories into a data matrix housed inside an elaborate egg and release it into the Black. This particular one was rigged to explode!"

As you can see in the screenshot above, virtual collectibles always have a backstory. In this case, one of our missions rewarded Citizens with this explosive ‘Reclamation Egg’! Using this as inspiration, create your own item description, which will no doubt inspire us!

Where to Participate?

This narrative challenge will take place on Twitter. It will give you exactly the amount of space you need to impress us, make us laugh, or feel nostalgic about our first missions in Tau Station.


We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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Whytie’s contribution was chosen by our narrative team – Congratulations!