Person of Interest: Fellie Norbush

Fellie Norbush has short pink hair, she's wearing a dark suit with the logo of Benevolent Dynamics

As we grow our list of potential allies, it’s important to look for those whose talents are set to grow beyond their station! Fellie Norbush may currently be a Field Technician, but her robotics work makes it clear she’s going places. We would be remiss not to help nurture that talent – and turn it towards our cause.

Like Cur8, Fellie works for Benevolent Dynamics, a melting pot of inquisitive minds, biological and mechanical alike. It’s an ideal place to find the allies we need, but we must tread carefully. They are clever enough to pose a threat, should they wish to investigate us, so we must give them no reason to suspect our activities.

Fellie Norbush

Home Station: Tau Station
Affiliation: Independent
Role: Field Technician for Benevolent Dynamics

Fellie currently focuses on manual CORETECHS calibrations, post-gestation programs and the like, helping struggling users with a smile on her face. I believe she has remained a field technician for this long due to her combination of technical know-how and approachable nature – likely she is suited to helping users in a way other Benevolent Dynamics employees are not. This makes it hard for her to leave her front-facing job, keeping her stuck in a position that doesn’t nurture her technical talents.

Space port of Tau Station with many busy workers doing their job in this gigantic hall. A huge vessel being maintained, a lot of cargo standing on various platforms.

It is also possible that Fellie is too enthusiastic in her beliefs that robots have rights, which could make some of her higher-ups uncomfortable about promoting her. While I know that as a group we have mixed thoughts on the matter, someone with her point of view would be a valuable ally, and potentially a great liaison with any androids, gynoids or xynoids we recruit. If we aim to understand technology back up to – or perhaps even surpassing – pre-Catastrophe levels, we need to truly understand the nature of their simulated sentience.

If Fellie does have hidden ambitions, as I suspect she does, then offering her a way to put her talents to use may help recruit her to our side. Her sunny disposition does not mean she would shy away from doing some truly ground-breaking work, even if she chooses to retain her position as a field technician.