Person of Interest: Cur8

The android Cur8 is wearing a black full-body-suit with a Benevolent Dynamics nametag on it. He has shiny cyan android eyes, his cybernetic body is grey and his face is human-like, composed of several parts.

Humanity is finally moving on from the bare struggle for survival, into an era where hope can once more resurface. However, there is still much work to be done, and so we look to individuals who may prove to be key players in improving our future! Last time we focused on the righteous Captain Vollmer, a person of convictions and actions, and now we’re happy to present another candidate – the likeable android Cur8.

Androids, gynoids, and xynoids have the potential to be staunch allies in our quest for answers. There is much we don’t know about them, despite Benevolent Dynamics’ best efforts, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore our mechanical brethren! In addition to being unable to cause us harm thanks to the rules that govern them, if we pique their curiosity we may be able to secure their assistance.


Home Station: Orwell Stronghold
Affiliation: Independent
Role: Work Allocation for Benevolent Dynamics

Two robot hands with the logo of Benevolent Dynamics installing a security camera

Orwell Stronghold is a station of scientific discovery, but it also requires the work of more pedestrian individuals to keep things running – no matter how advanced their cleaning robots and ration dispensers are, someone needs to clean spillages! Cur8 works to ensure everyone in Orwell is ideally matched to their job, and happy with the work they’ve been assigned, a task that seems unusual for an android.

As an individual, Cur8 has a calming presence, with refined speech patterns and comforting gestures, although these are somewhat undermined by the repetitiveness of his physical motions. His work within Benevolent Dynamics has encouraged other androids, gynoids and xynoids to seek more official positions, including his partner Qui9, now a Humanoid Support Worker. In dealing with such personal issues such as job satisfaction, Cur8 has proven that androids can work with people’s feelings – even if they sometimes require outside help.

As someone with an intimate knowledge of Orwell and Benevolent Dynamics, Cur8 would be an important asset to us. He seems devoted to his organisation and unwilling to go outside of the confines of the rules, so caution is advised. Perhaps framing requests as a collaboration to improve quality of life, both biological and mechanical, will make them more appealing.