NPC Avatars: Increased Sneak Peeks

Our Aesthetics Regulation Taskforce (A.R.T.) has just released a CORETECHS message to all Citizens, introducing a few of the new characters that have recently joined the Tau Station universe. Let’s have a closer look at the mysteries and intrigue they bring with them…

You Can Be Right Or You Can Be Happy… A Bit Of Both Please

A tall, slender man with obscenely large, green eyes. His white hair is combed neatly back and he is dressed entirely in white. White shoes, white shirt, white tie, white suit.

What is this tall, distinguished man, dressed in white from head to toe, after? Does he seek answers about his missing artifacts? Or is he interested in reconciling with his daughter, the intriguing Artemis? Are you an adventurer, or an amateur psychologist? The thriving Public Market on Madame de Pompadour holds the key to unlocking the past, and solving the mystery at the heart of “Cradling the Stars”. Madame de Pompadour in Ross 154 awaits your clinical touch.

Artemis Ketland-Antonie is a striking Harsene woman with large, green eyes and jet black hair pulled back in a long ponytail. Her manner is graceful but self-assured; she sports a military flap jacket bearing Gaule insignia along with other badges of unknown origin.

Snakes and Ladders and Mad Scientists… the Game Your Parents Never Let You Play

This statuesque woman of the Mall genotype wears a lab coat as stylish and sharp as the expression on her features is shrewd. A large head of bright, orange hair tops her already impressive physique like magma erupting over a very intelligent looking volcano.

Dr. Malleable Dolomite’s head of bright, orange hair tops her already impressive physique like magma erupting over a very intelligent looking volcano. And everything that happens on Heinlein Stronghold is as dangerous, volatile and unexpected as a volcanic eruption. You’ll need your wits about you just to keep up with the latest antics -pardon, “experiments”- from the Scientist Schismatics.

Moss the Maddest is a wiry Harsene with a consistently deadpan expression that offers a stark contrast to his wild, bushy hair and unkempt laboratory attire. His eyes also tend to dart about with much excitement which is seldom reflected on the rest of his face. Being one of the Scientist Schismatics, he is often seen tending to some strange looking experiment or another.

Does Moss the Maddest, a wiry Harsene with a consistently deadpan expression and wild, bushy hair, unkempt laboratory attire, and ever darting eyes have any guidance to impart? After all, he must certainly have something to do with all the mechanical mayhem afoot in “The C.O.B.R.A. Effect”. Heinlein Stronghold in Sirius A awaits your chaos-calming approach.

A Dish Best Served Cold… War Style

The statuesque and imposing Vincent Ramius is tall, strong and menacing, but deep down, aren’t we all the same? Don’t we all just want to find our place in the sun? Even if it’s the faint, red sun of Ross 154. Explore the Jump Gate and decipher the clues in this political thriller, replete with virtual war games and defection. Who will you trust?

Marge Carter is wearing advanced tactical gear with a full-face helmet, few features are recognizable at first glance. Constantly reminiscing about past glory and honors, with repeated mentions of old rank as Captain in the Consortium military.

Marge Carter, the Consortium security guard, constantly reminiscing about past glory and honors; or Ramius, the gladiator who only seems to pine for a future just out of reach?

Vincent Ramius is tall, strong and menacing. It looks like he has spent the majority of his life training and honing his body to peak condition. Wearing his high tech OmRe tactical warsuit, Vincent gives the impression of a man you don’t want to cross.

Whatever you do on “A Farewell to Armors”, remember the golden rule: trust no one. Not even this blog post.


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