New Combat Outcome Screens: Tell us what you think!

The Tau Station team is currently designing and implementing a number of improvements for the combat interface. Our work on interactive combat, however, also requires a number of UI design enhancements and additions. Before, however, we can give you a good glimpse of our plans and iterations, we have a special task for all you Citizens!

We promise to share more UI insights and details about the plans with interactive combat in a future post with you. For now, we’d love to benefit from your creativity and ideas!

Combat Outcome Screen

When a fight is over, the outcome screen informs you on your victory or defeat. We aim for integrating relevant information into this screen like experience gained or other important impacts like reputation changes.

End of PVP screen, showing avatars of both participants. In this case the attacker has won, indicated by a laurel wreath and the banner "Victorious". Below both players, icons reflect the results, such as a counter for victories, XP gain and reputation change. There are 2 options/buttons to choose from; either to leave or loot. A countdown shows the time remaining for your decision.

The outcome screen will reflect with various details if you won or lost.

End of PVP screen: in this case you lost which is stated right next to your avatar "Vanquished", also indicated by a red background. Again, below both players, icons reflect the results, such as a counter for victories, XP gain and reputation change. As you've been defeated, the only button available is to "wake up at Sick Bay".

What would you love to see?

What matters to you when combat is over? This can either be some detail which is already part of the game (like reputation changes) or even new, additional aspects. One idea is a victory counter, showcasing how many PvP fights your character  has won so far.

Knowing you have tons of witty ideas, please share your suggestions and wishes for the end screen in this dedicated thread on the Council forums (visible if you’re logged in).

Please keep two aspects in mind:

  1. There is limited space in the UI; the end screen should be clean and meaningful; additional aspects need to add value.
  2. Depending on the complexity of your suggestions, especially everything about showing new details, please be bear in mind that implementation might take awhile depending on what metrics are available and the new UI required to showcase them well. 🙂

The entire team is looking forward to seeing your input!