New Artwork: Item Updates

Recently, item artwork got a makeover! Several armor items have been updated, with more to follow soon. Read on to find out more about this. New citizens can also find a few handy tips about item tiers and rarities below.

As many armor items got a dedicated 3D image to replace the placeholders used before, we would like to use this opportunity to show some high resolution versions, but also to explain game mechanics to our new citizens. Welcome to Tau Station!

Item tiers & rarities

Items of various rarities have been updated. For new citizens, it’s useful to remember that item rarity is color-coded with a square border around the item image. White indicates a common item, green is uncommon, blue is rare and purple indicates an epic item, of very high quality or value.

4 example items with colored frames, indicating the increasing quality, from left to right: a knife in a white frame "common", an "uncommon" blue suit in a green frame, a "rare" tool with a blue frame, and an "epic" armor suit with a purple frame.

Don’t forget that your levels are grouped into tiers, with each tier representing 5 levels. Tier 1 covers citizens of level 1-5; those of you who are level 6-10 are tier 2, and so on. Every time you increase your tier, market vendors will change their offer to you. You’ll now be presented with items corresponding to your new tier.

The public market is slightly different; here you can buy items of any tier (but remember, you can still only use those matching your tier and below). An info icon highlights all public market items which exceed your current tier.

snippet of an item detail view at the market, showing the warning icon behind the tier level, informing you "tier of this item higher than yours, you can buy it but can't use it."

Enjoy the new art

Here’s a selection of some of our new item artwork:

A mud colored leather jacket, many scratches hint at heavy past use. A knife is attached to the left shoulder and a name badge on the left shows "Harold"
Harold’s Jacket
A sleeveless protection vest in light grey color. An additional protective layer of cloth is thrown over the vest below.
Light Flack Jacket
A light grey metallic plate with ripples is covering the torso and a dark grey long sleeve is below. It shows some structure, eventually made of carbon fibers.
Light Scale Mail
A sleeveless copper colored scale mail. A metallic massive torso part is topped with a cloth vest, also copper-colored.
Burnished Scale Mail
A body suit made of a shiny textile in light blue color with white applications, protectors for the knees inside.
Disco Catsuit
A very stylish white body suit, with solid brown chest guard elements, the cloth has a fine structure like carbon fibers.
Light Diffusion Jump Suit
A long, dark grey leather robe, not much used, with an empty name plate on the left side. The unbuttoned robes reveal a massive metal torso protection plate worn underneath.
Musty Leather Robes

Check the latest item updates

If you’d like to see detail views of the updated items, including both the new artwork and their key stats (e.g. defense values), use the links we’ve provided here, sorted by item tiers:

More items incoming soon…

There is more fresh 3D artwork to come with one of the next game updates! Several new items will be introduced soon, including armor and weapons. Some of you might have an idea why…

Here’s a small sample to whet your appetites! (Item names may still change prior to release)

A black shot gun with green illuminated parts
Zeno IX
A grey rifle
A grey shotgun
A massive metallic vest, a bit corroded, but with built-in space for stims
Hippocratic Vest
A red full body combat suit
Gaule Heavy Combat Suit