Necessity is the mother of (weapons) invention!

The question of survival awakes the most primal instincts in us. And that includes the urge to arm ourselves in the face of a threat. But since the Catastrophe destroyed so much, those who want to enter battle with a functional weapon to hand need to harness their creativity.

And so, in the post-Catastrophe world of Tau Station, refurbished rifles and chop-job shotguns are the norm. Here, people improvise and handcraft solutions to their problems!

Short-range scrap creations

One such construction has roots in an ancient old-earth weapon, originally a Japanese creation: the “Kusari-fundo”, also known as “manriki”. These feudal weapons consist of two parts: a long chain (“kusari”) with weights (“fundo”), attached to both ends.

We share two contemporary examples below: the simple manriki and the crude manriki.

A simple manriki, a bit corroded and slightly rusty, it has a long chain with huge chain links and a metallic weight attached to both ends.

A manriki, a bit dirty and a few rust speckles. It has a very long chain with small but massive chain links. Two massive metallic weights are attached to both ends.

These items should remind us of an important lesson. After all, if you’ve nothing better to hand, don’t forget the Ruins offers basic, but useful, trash among the rubble. Some of it is often fashioned into crude weapons to serve the desperate and deranged. As you can see with the concrete club below!

Construction steel with rests of concrete inside

A second life for once-mundane objects

Furthermore, the nameĀ  old shoe might not strike immediate fear into you, but think again! This footwear is attached to a solid metal pipe, and can be handy for keeping foes at arm’s length!

A solid, slightly rusty metal pipe with a safety shoe attached at the upper part, fastened with some metal clips.

Even simple utility objects often become harmful weapons, if (mis)used in a particular way. Before the Catastrophe, every household had plenty of charge cables. Use it like a whip, with sufficient acceleration, and the solid connector and socket will deal serious damage. With the flexibility of the wire, it works like a cheap version of a professional manriki. Best of all, it’s easily found in the Ruins.

A very thick yellow charge cable, slightly soiled with massive connector and socket.

Another commonly-used method of arming oneself involves combining scrap finds. And so, below are three examples of brutal flails, all following a simple, but efficient design. Simply take a metal pole, attach a chain and some weight at its end. It’s a handy tool for keeping your opponents honest!

3 flails, all consist of a dirty or rusty grey metal pole, a chain and some weight at its end. The first version has big chain links and some kind of metallic lap at the end. The second one has a stainless steel chain mail with smaller chain links and a big red metallic claw arm at the end. The third version is similar to the first one, but way more rusty and the lamp seems to be broken.

Those who are lucky to find some (sharp) blades, can make powerful close-combat gear, excellent for dealing piercing damage. Finding a good ‘ol fireaxe feels like a jackpot. You’ll be respected for sure!

A brutal axe with a massive head, very long and sharp bit. 3 blade constructions, assembled with metal poles and various sometimes quite rusty blades. One is very long so it looks nearly like a spear or a Japanese Naginata.

Stun guns

But some gear needs ammunition or energy cells. Scavengers know this, and often target wrecked ships in search of them, knowing that crews often had such weapons to stun potential boarders. Their long-abandoned equipment lockers, full of tasers and stunners, fill the dreams of desperate ruins rats!

A brown, handy taser with a gun sight. Some parts have orange illuminations.

A simple red taser with long shape and a stainless steel aimer.

A quite futuristic white, but bit dirty taser with safety trigger.

A hazel and grey, handy taser with a gun sight. It has a safety trigger.

In the end, however you arm yourself in this often-violent universe, remember that cobbled-together equipment is only half the story. Even the most powerful weapon in the galaxy is useless if wielded by a slow-witted weakling with no combat training!


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