Missions – Your Window Into Tau Station’s Universe

We love a good story. The art of storytelling predates even that of the written word, and we’re pretty sure humanity’s tales will be here long after we’re gone, possibly for some alien race to pore over and ponder what kind of weird and wonderful creatures we once were.

More specifically, the narrative is one of the core pillars of Tau Station and we consider it in every aspect of game development and universe building. Through Tau Station’s missions you’ll discover the stories of its universe – its histories, its people; the living, breathing, and evolving culture of a human civilization on life support. Below, we’ll give you a peek at three of these missions that deal with different aspects of a galactic post-apocalyptic society.


As narrative designers, we find that we’re often just as excited by the potential repercussions a new technology can have on human culture and society as we are by its scientific potential. The world of crime is one area that can greatly be affected by advances in technology. In a society like Tau Station’s, where we can program skills and knowledge right into the paths of our mind, what could happen if someone decided to take this a step further?

The mission Ersatz explores this quandary by introducing you to a criminal who may or may not be operating under his own free will.  What potential mischief could someone cause if they found a way to reprogram another person’s actions, and even their personality, through the use of neural nanites? Would you consider this a great opportunity and a cunning new use of the technology? Or would you worry about the danger this could pose to civilization if it’s used inappropriately? How can the law keep up with criminals in a society where the available technology is advanced, but humans are just rediscovering its potential? These are the kinds of questions that you’ll need to consider as you’re making your decisions in the mission.

A Good Home

 A Good Home is another mission that explores one of the morally gray areas of a post-apocalyptic future. You’ll encounter an impoverished father frantically searching for his daughter.  At first glance, everything appears cut and dried; the ‘good’ course of action is to help him track her down and reunite the two. But what if her circumstances now are far better than they ever could have been with him? What if she’s now in a situation where she’ll be well fed, cared for, and provided with a brighter future? Can you break the father’s heart for the good of the daughter? And what of the perpetrator? Is he a kidnapper or a savior? While his motivations are selfish, is the service he provides ultimately worthy?

These kind of questions excite us, not only because we hope they’ll challenge and engage you, but because they also challenge and inspire us as the caretakers and inhabitants of this universe we’re creating.

Machine Leg Blues

An area that truly sparks our inspiration, both in terms of story as well as gameplay, are the ruins that cover the interior of most of the space stations. These stations are built inside giant asteroids, several kilometers across, that have been hollowed out and spun to create gravity. Prior to the Catastrophe millions of people could live inside one. Now the numbers they house are in the mere thousands. Most of the buildings were damaged or destroyed during the events of the disaster, and many more have fallen into disrepair since. Outside the relatively small “hab” zones in each station, the ruins stretch out in all directions. A lot can go on in such an area.

Makeshift shanty towns full of people with nowhere else to go are common in the ruins, but some groups make their homes there by choice, happy to claim their space away from the prying eyes of the governments. Some of these groups have their own secretive motives, social structures, and belief systems. Machine Leg Blues introduces you to someone trying to leave one such group under the threat of death. He’s injured and time is rapidly running out for him. He’s looking to you for help reaching the port in time to escape.

The story you’ll discover via this mission ties in with what’s happening in the galaxy at large, coloring plots behind plots and enhancing your understanding of how humanity has reached this grim point in history.

Long story short…

We’re weaving the galaxy into a web of adventures and experiences that will challenge you and present you with a thought-provoking journey into the future of humanity. After all, science fiction is one of the best storytelling mediums for exploring who we are and where we’re going.

“The core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation if we are to be saved at all.”  ~ Isaac Asimov