Mission Dispatches

As we’ve mentioned before, there’s nothing we love quite so much as a great story. We love telling them, reading them, and living them. To us, a perfect tale is one which captures our imagination and takes us on an adventure, one that engages us and allows us to glimpse some of the mysteries of the universe. This is what we hope to bring to you through Tau Station’s missions.

As it happens, it’s time for another update on the missions we’ve been working on, so here’s a peek at three more of the stories you may encounter as you explore Tau Station’s universe.

Damsel in the Dark

One thing that can’t help but fascinate is the darkness inherent in humanity. It’s possibly the one thing that truly sets us apart from animals; the ability to choose whether to be good or bad. In a galactic, post-apocalyptic setting, you can imagine that the lines between good and bad can become quite blurred. How might a person react given the freedom and chaos of a society still trying to catch its collective breath after a near extinction level event? What dark societies and organizations might be born in the shadows of humanity’s fall?

Damsel in the Dark is a story that explores this darkness and tries, perhaps, to drag it into the light. You’ll encounter the digital breadcrumbs left behind by an enigmatic young woman who believes she will very soon be murdered. She hopes that the trail she leaves behind will lead you to her killers and possibly expose their shadowy organization once and for all. With every message you find, she’ll reveal a piece of the story and weave a tale that is sure to chill even the staunchest of adventurers.

Last Night in Paris

Humanity has many types of stories to tell, and not all of them are shadowy mysteries with an unknown nemesis. We often find beauty and tragedy, love and regret, challenge and acceptance all rolled into one person’s life. Likewise, not all stories need to start at the beginning; sometimes they begin at the end. Last Night in Paris explores these themes through the story of a woman who survived the Catastrophe and built a new life for herself in its aftermath, but has now decided that the time has finally come to end her tale. This mission also gives a glimpse at how new art forms might arise when death isn’t always an end, but sometimes simply a small hiccup on the way to a new body.

After the Harvest

As you travel you’ll encounter NPCs from all walks of life, and they’ll often shed light on the unique culture and specific oddities of life on their respective stations. Everyone has a tale to tell, whether they’re a mysterious adventurer, a grand and important figure, or indeed, an impoverished farmer struggling to bring in the harvest on one of the few agricultural space stations in the galaxy. After the Harvest is a quieter, more somber mission that highlights the trials and tribulations of an average family in an unusual setting. You’ll get a view of a space station that has chosen to go back to the basics, and you’ll be offered the opportunity to affect the life of a family in great need.


With every story we write, the universe of Tau Station grows and has that much more to tell. Watch this space for our regular mission dispatches to get an insight into these tales and adventures.