Mission Dispatches : Chapter Two

We love great stories! It’s something we simply cannot overstate. A couple of months ago we brought you our first batch of Mission Dispatches.  Our narrative designers have been busy crafting tales and stations, and while we sometimes find ourselves wondering about the worrying giggles emanating from their brainstorming sessions, we feel it’s time to bring you another glimpse into some of Tau Station’s upcoming stories!

In the Name of Honor

In the Name of Honor is a story about the consequences of honor and duty. It is about the aftermath of an historical conflict that addresses issues of ethics, personal accountability, and malleability of truth. It expands the background on Tau Station’s military services and underscores the political necessities that often guide their use. Ultimately, this mission is about family. It’s about fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, and the ties that bind them together in a time of crisis. It’s about righting a past wrong. It’s about the search for truth. It’s about redemption.

Ready Player Everyone

Mysterious artifacts from Before hold secrets to the past that may well unlock an understanding of the present and even provide a key to the future. An enigmatic old man offers protection throughout this journey, but can he be trusted? And just how is he involved with the shadowy organization trying to keep these secrets from being revealed?

A journey through a fantastical digital landscape will offer an understanding of the past and how it affects present day life. Each artifact you find, scattered in mysterious patterns throughout hundreds of space stations will unlock another portion of a vast virtual reality that will, in turn, offer another glimpse into the past and help you uncover what some would kill to keep hidden!

Downed Quixote

On København, life among the ruins of hundreds of derelict ships can be challenging indeed. When a Wreck Runner, a man who makes his living scavenging old vessels for resources and knowledge, starts acting insane, you must find and catch him before he can hurt himself or those around him. Did he simply snap due to the high pressure of his dangerous job though, or is there something deeper going on here? The dangers inherent with exploring old, crashed ships in the ruins of a station struggling to get back on its feet are many and unknown!

The answer to this mystery may be more complex than it appears, with potentially far reaching consequences if not handled with care!

The brilliant Maya Angelou once said that, “there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Well Tau Station is filled to the brim with untold stories. It will be up to you to find them and give life to their tales!