Meet the Crew: Another Fantastic Trio

Welcome to our fourth presentation of “Meet the Crew”, in which we introduce you to the teams behind Tau Station. You already met the narrative, tech and audiovisual teams. Let’s continue our tour by shining a spotlight on four team members dedicated to supporting Tau Station – from assisting our space-loving Community, to undertaking organizational work in the background, and even designing the game itself!

Meet Teut – Helmsman

Tau Station ID of Teut

Tau Station ID of Teut Weidemann

Teut Weidemann is from Germany and tends to show up as “Teut”. He’s our Helmsman, and he’s been working in the gaming industry for more than 30 years! He considers “everything what makes boom” his weapon. His strength is being 85% right, while his weakness is the tendency to sit out problems, waiting for solution to appear (which works 50% of the time). Space Invaders was his first game, and Original Wiener Schnitzel is Teut’s favorite food.

Order is stupid, only the genius controls chaos.

My Favorite Feature

As a role-player I love to improve my character by searching for better gear: improving my weapons and armor, equipping my combat belt, collecting raw materials and other useful things. Long story short: my favorite feature is the item management in Tau Station, with the manifold options you have to store, trade, search and even unlock additional options by taking University courses.

Meet Diane – Communication Ensign

Tau Station ID of Diane

Tau Station ID of Diane

Diane is known Hecate, and she’s our Communications Ensign. She’s from France (Earth) and her weapon is her uncontrollable keyboard. Social is her strength, because she talks even while sleeping. She admits that her weakness is being a Britney Spears fan. Her first game was Tomb Raider II and her favorite Earth book is Life Before Us by Romain Gary.

Ugh! I smell like a human – Princess Mononoke

Meet Manni – Chief Communications Officer

Tau Station ID of Manni

Tau Station ID of Manni aka StarGazer

Manni, aka StarGazer, is our Chief Communications Officer from Germany. His weapon, a spoon, reflects his addiction to coffee. He underlines that the item is not a reference to the the Robin Hood movie with Kevin Costner. His strength is putting (unwanted) songs into your head while his weakness is deciding which movie to watch. His first gaming device was a “Game & Watch” Donkey Kong multi-screen handheld in the 80s. His favorite activity is making others smile.

Being open minded and talking to each other is crucial, as the assumption is the mother of all f**k-ups!

My Favorite Tau Station Community Experience

It’s pretty hard to pick one single moment, because the peacefulness and helpful attitude of our Community is outstanding. Some of the core members have been with us since the Closed Alpha test, created our first fan sites and tools very early on, and keep sharing those with other players. Therefore, we were very happy to introduce our Community Spotlight awards even with the game in an early state.

Sometimes, the simplest things are the most meaningful, therefore I’d say what has impressed me the most is the “welcome gift” culture established by the Tau Station Community. New Citizens always get a nice welcome message and advice from many experienced players through the game chat (and Discord). More and more Citizens have been adopting the culture, and now ship a welcome gift to new arrivals. Very often, it’s the very first thing you see in chat if a new Citizens shows up. To me, this impressive, social, welcoming, lovely gesture perfectly describes our Community – that, and the fact that so many Citizens joined in. It’s outstanding and you, living in many different countries all over the world, introduced it yourselves!