Meet the Crew: A.R.T. and the H.R.S. Team

Words can paint a picture, and a picture is worth a thousand words – in Tau Station, our prose and paint complement each other, bringing stations, characters and objects to life. In the third episode of our “Meet the Crew” series, we’re delighted to introduce you to our Aesthetics Regulation Taskforce (A.R.T.). This three-strong team is responsible for everything you see in Tau Station, from characters to backgrounds, buttons to icons.

You will also meet our Chief Harmony & Resonant Synthesis Technician (H.R.S.), whose upcoming music and sound work will add an amazing new layer to Tau Station’s atmosphere!

Meet Tania – Chief of A.R.T.

Tau Station ID of Tetiana

Tau Station ID of Tania, team lead and UI designer

Tetiana Stepenko’s nickname in Tau Station is Tania, as she’s called by her colleagues. She’s the Chief of Aesthetics Regulation Taskforce (A.R.T.), and lives in Ukraine. Her weapon is a sharp graphic pen, her strength is her curiosity, while her weakness is never agreeing. Her first game was The Neverhood, and what she likes the most are flowers.

“What’s your line of work?” I asked.
“Like all science, our work deals with human happiness”.
“I see,” I said.
“Something to do with space?”
“Yes, space too.”
– Strugatski Brothers, Monday Begins on Saturday

Some of my Favorite UIs (I created)

The upcoming map navigation, the UI of the storage management feature in your CORETECHS, the future end screen of combat, and The Gaule Administration with (upcoming) landscape UI.

The upcoming navigation via a station map with all areas where also action icons will be shown

UI of storage management in CORETECHS

new combat end screen with both opponents and individual rewards shown

Upcoming landscape UI of the Gaule Administration

Meet Vladislav – A.R.T. Crew

Tau Station ID of Vladislav

Tau Station ID of 3D artist Vladislav

Vladislav Ociacia uses his family name Ociacia as his nickname. He’s part of the Aesthetics Regulation Taskforce (A.R.T.) Crew, and also lives in Ukraine. His weapon is a G-73, his strength is Robotic expansion, and his weaknesses are deadlines and a workaholic life. His first film was Alien (he was scared for a long time!) and his favorite dog is the Jack Russel Mike.

Coffee and start working. 🙂

My Favorite Visuals (I created)

The job center, part of a security room and a hotel room.

The Job Center is a big hall with a very high roof. Around 20 people are standing in front of big boards checking job offers.

A part of the security room, a long hall with armed security, in the middle of the floor are huge pipes.

The private hotel room is protected by a massive metal door. It's a very cozy place with soft light, a bed, and a working place.

Meet Erik – A.R.T. Crew

Tau Station ID of Erik

Tau Station ID of Erik

Erik’s nickname is Golimar and he’s part of the Aesthetics Regulation Taskforce (A.R.T.) Crew, creating avatars for Tau Station. Living in the UK, he uses a tablet and pen as a weapon. His strength is not giving up, and his weakness is self appreciation. Turok 2 was the first game he played, and his favorite movie is Drive.

Discipline equals freedom. – Jocko Wilink

My Favorite Visuals (I created)

Henry Hephaestus, Min Sein, and Siv Havva!

A young black man with short hair and a beard, wearing a fine vestA young Asian woman wearing a work apron while cleaning a glass.A blond female with yellow eyes, earrings, wearing a blue dress.

Meet Luke – Chief H.R.S. Technician

Besides the visual artwork – characters, items, backgrounds, even animations of our (future) User Interface – we are also bringing audio to the game, titillating one more sense to heighten your immersion! The exclusive music compositions and sound effects come from award-winning Luke Corradine, our Chief Harmony & Resonant Synthesis Technician (H.R.S.). ~You can read more about his work in our recent article.

Tau Station ID of Luke

Tau Station ID of Luke Corradine

Luke Corradine’s nickname is Gladiator. He’s Tau Station’s Chief H.R.S. Technician. Having roots in both the UK and Italy, he claims intuition is his best weapon. His strength is comradeship, and he doesn’t mention any weaknesses. The first game he ever played was Space Invaders, and his favorite song is Pride (in the name of love) from U2.

Dream big. Play Hard. Be Fair. Love and Enjoy your Life!