Media focus: Introducing the Bodyguard’s Bulletin

Citizens, today’s post brings you something a little different! It’s the first of a new series focusing on the galaxy’s various media offerings. Every few tenspans, we’ll bring you extracts from a specially-selected guest content feed. This edition comes courtesy of the ‘Bodyguard’s Bulletin’, the galaxy’s most-read content feed for the private security sector. Written by ex-bodyguards (and brothers) Boson and Draco Packard, it provides insight into this booming sector.

In the future we’ll bring you similar highlights of content from popular feeds such as Tau Life, Consortium Cadet, Ice Trader Daily and more. But for now, enjoy this free extract from issue 202.74 of the Bodyguard’s Bulletin.

Headline news: Strong growth on lawless stations

By Boson Packard

Data for the current cycle shows demand for private security services remains strong. As a result, all four of the major providers (Varangian Guard, Armure Security Group, Athena, and The Kestrel Minority) are continuing their recruitment to meet the need.

Growth is especially strong in Barnard’s Star system, as clients seek protection for visits to Freebooter-controlled Caen Stronghold. As usual, those venturing to stations with low Law and Orwell ratings like to know there’s a well-armed professional covering their back. Sometimes actions speak louder than words, and nothing says “don’t steal my stuff” like a 300 lb bodyguard kitted out in an Armure bodysuit, with an ALNA-MODEX rifle in the hands!

Boson’s tip: Shares in private security firms are THE hot ticket right now. Buy, buy, buy!

Equipment review: Alpine 1NK rifle

By Draco Packard

Folks, get ready to hear something you might not like. I know a lot of you wily pros out there swear by HWT’s Ballistic Blazer shotgun. And, I don’t blame you for wanting that cocktail of ballistic AND energy damage on offer when the action comes a-calling. But, in my honest-to-stars opinion, it’s time for you to consider an upgrade. Ajax Systems’ Alpine 1NK rifle may cost a little more, but you get a whole lot of extra bang-bang for your credits.

This high-performance masterpiece deals piercing, energy and ballistic damage with accuracy the Ballistic Blazer can only dream of! A bolt-action rifle with a detachable magazine, ventilated barrel, and folding stock, this aluminum-alloy pain-delivery specialist still comes in at under 3 KG. And, on top, the scope is kitted out with some truly epic glass. If this thing misses, it’ll be your fault and yours alone!

Draco’s verdict: The best tool there is for keeping those lucrative deep-pocketed clients alive!

Bodyguard of the cycle winner: ASG Contractor 265

By Boson Packard

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! This cycle’s award has gone to Armure Security Group’s contractor 265, who now boasts over 4 cycles without a client fatality. These performance figures reflect finely on the sector as a whole and, should you cross paths with this exemplar of our profession, be sure to express your admiration! Here’s an exclusive quote from the winner:

It’s always nice to get some recognition. What’s my secret? There’s no magic to it really. Don’t take clients with a death wish. Stay out of Syndicate wars. Test your gear every day and don’t skimp on armor and ammo. Don’t mix booze and business. Be lucky.

Congratulations again to our winner, who receives a tenspan’s-worth of complementary services for the resorts of Cirque Centauri. It’s a tough job and even bodyguards deserve a holiday!

Boson & Draco’s final tip: Folks, stay safe, stay vigilant, and – most important of all – subscribe to the Bodyguard’s Bulletin!