Latest Fashions: Part Trois

Our Aesthetics Regulation Taskforce has been especially industrious this cycle. An upcoming update is positively brimming with new arms and armors with which a citizen can accessorize their arsenal. It’s a dangerous galaxy out there and we want to make sure that if you do battle, you do it in style!

These new items, in all their glorious aesthetic as well as capacity for pain (or prevention thereof), come to you from the newly discovered system of Ross 154.

The system, and thus much of this gear, sports heavy themes of war-games and OmReAthletics. The latter manifests in a number of styles that incorporate haptic nano-technology that enhances one’s experiential feedback via CORETECHS.

Likewise, there is a strong presence of both the Gaule Protectorate and well as the Consortium within Ross 154 (with the two vying for the attentions of the enigmatic Le Guin Stronghold).

Above: The aforementioned H.A.C.K (Haptic Armors: Cyber Kinetics) range.

Below: And, as mentioned, when the galaxy is such an unforgiving playground, weapons must naturally become part of a society’s fashion accoutrements! We leave you with a number of these deadly and sleek accessories you will soon be able to flaunt as you saunter, strut, or swagger onto your nearest battlefield!

Fashion is a weapon that you can use when you need it.
Donatella Versace