Latest Fashions: Artwork Peek

In our previous blog, you learned more about the new Genotype specific Foods. Several variations of these consumables are already available in Tau Station, and more items of this kind will be added in the future. Today, we share previews of brand new artwork with you.

Here are some impressions of upcoming gear for you. As usual, there will be several versions to reflect the quality of simple and enhanced items. Some of the presented items (and more) will be part of the next game update.

Leather Wear

In a time where humankind is resurfacing from the darkness, some citizens express their “pioneering” mindset via their fashion as well as gumption.

A worn, long black leather coat with a black cowboy hat and a female "wild west" dress, consisting of a similar black leather hat, a black vest with a black long sleeve beneath, and a belt.

Inspiration, of course, is drawn from multiple old Terran cultures.

2 brown leather capes with chaps and a massive belt. The first one even has long sleeves with some metallic applications while the second version is without arm protection.

New torso protection

From very simple, but useful equipment …

A dark solid carbon vest and massive long sleeves with orange illuminations. The second torso protection is brighter with short sleeves only, but it has a massive shiny metal plate on the chest.

…and basic suits utilizing high quality plastics…

2x short sleeve torso protective gear with rubber. The first one has red applications and is entire made of rubber with an apron above the belly. The second one has no colorful applications, it's just grey, but has a metallic chest protection instead.

…to professional riot gear that protects your torso.

2 massive torso protections. The first one has short black sleeves, a massive metal belt and shoulder plates and a scale armour. The second one has long sleeves and blue applications, also shoulder plate extensions, but no metal scale armour. Instead, it has a hip strap for extra belly protection.

Special Hooded Jackets

Many people prefer to stay in the dark, either to hide from enemies or for shadowing their shady business. These Hooded Jackets give you a basic protection and due to basic flexibility, you remain agile.

3 worn Hooded Jackets made of dark leather, one with long sleeves. The other 2 have several applications and clips.

3 hooded jackets. The first one is a flashy green short-sleeved version with a small tech device attached to it. The second one is made of brown leather with a few glowing applications and a red long sleeve below. The third one is made of red leather, less worn and has with 3 clips.

Artwork studies

This “blue study” is an artwork test for riot gear, consisting of various components.

Blue riot gear, protecting the entire body, consisting of a helmet, gloves, safety footwear, bolstered long sleeves, a bulletproof waistcoat, a belt, shoulder protection and metal femoral protectors.

Our 3D artist also did some footwear tests, which we are happy to share with you as well.

Black protective shoes with metal caps and pimple soles. A metal plate protects your Achilles tendons. The shoes get tied with a mettalic belt tension on your instep.

Light grey leather booths with pimple soles and some additional straps that ensure firm fitting.


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