Kickstarter Special: Weapon Co-Creation

While many conflicts in Tau Station can be dealt with via an astute mind, kind word or expeditious retreat, it’s safest to carry some form of weapon, if only for self-defense. If you back us on the Weapon Designer tier on Kickstarter, you can decide what will protect you during your intergalactic adventures. Design something portable but powerful, beautiful and imposing, or even masquerading as an innocuous accessory, which other Citizens will be able to buy.

The Kickstarter reward in a nutshell

  • Kickstarter: Weapon co-creation features in the Kickstarter tier, “Weapon Designer”.
  • Unlimited numbers: There is no limit to how many people can choose this tier – everyone can have a hand in weapon creation!
  • Your Weapon: You will work together with our team to create a weapon, from its looks to its description and stats. Whatever your idea, we’ll bring it to life!
  • Communication: In addition to exchanging plans, images and pitches digitally, you will have two calls with the team, at the beginning and end of the process, to make sure you’re happy with how things are going.
  • Delivery: Once we’ve created and balanced your weapon, and the station where it’s sold is ready, your creation will appear in a future update. You’ll be given the item you created, as well as a personalized co-creation digital certificate!

What to Expect

There are eight categories of weapons, three types of damage you can deal, and many other specs to work with. We’ll take your ideas and make something that works well in-game! The co-creation process itself will go something like this:

First Call: Our first meeting! This is a chance for us to say hello, and figure out any details or answer questions before we start the process in earnest.

Your Ideas: You can send us your ideas for a weapon, or we can give you a document with relevant questions you can use as a springboard. Tell us about its look and feel – is it an energy blade that makes whooshing sounds as you swing it, or a flowery hair clip that can shoot out tiny, deadly darts? How much damage does it do, how many rounds in its magazine?

Our Writing and Art: We’ll go through what you’ve given us and create a description and image that do your weapon justice. The exact statistics will have to be balanced by our team, but we’ll make sure it “feels” right for your weapon!

Last Call: Once you’ve seen what we created, we’ll have a call and you can tell us what you think, and whether anything needs changing. Once your item and the station that sells it are both ready, it’ll become available in a future update!

Refining a Weapon

UI of the admin backend, showing weapon details like name, damage types, description and more

Weapons are a little more complicated than other items – the image above shows just some of the details of a weapon from the development side, including its name, description, rarity, damage, and more. There are lots of weapon types, suitable for either short or long range: blades, clubs, handguns, rifles, short barrel rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles. When we co-create your weapon, we’ll ask you what level and rarity you want your item to have, what damage types you want to see, and we’ll use our item generation tools to give you a selection of attributes to choose from.

If you’ve always wanted to explore the universe carrying your own bespoke set of arms, have a look at the Weapon Designer tier on Kickstarter! If you’re curious what some of our weapons look like, here are a few of our favorites.

A grey rifle with yellow applications and a visor, it has a simple shape as if created by a 3D printer

A grey-and-yellow flamethrower with a red cartridge

A grey minigun, the ammunition belt attached to it shows large caliber bullets

An assembled two-bladed spear, consisting of a long metal pole and a huge coil with long blades attached to it

A long metal pole with a safety boot attached to one end, good for pushing people aside

A rusty rifle with a visor, some elements kept attached via blue duct tape

A rusty rifle with a silencer, some parts kept attached via red duct tape

A rusty metal pole with a chainsaw blade attached to one end

An assembled metal club with many batteries taped together to form the bludgeoning head