Hemingway’s Hyperdashery: New Product Announcement!

Greetings and salutations to all you galactic citizens of mega-great taste and refinement! Hemingway’s Hyperdashery here, broadcasting from the farthest and most luxurious corner of the galaxy, beaming mega-delight and quality directly into your CORETECHS. As recently promised, we have an announcement of hyper-exciting implication to report!

In another of our highly successful, high-octane, marketing campaigns, we present a series of ultra-quality gear packs, each designed to resonate with your favorite stations. Humanity now exists in exclusivity, among the stars. Our home worlds, our countries, the places we hang our metaphorical hats are now the stations we drift through the Black in. We celebrate them with these exclusive ranges of gorgeous, sleek, thematically aligned, and highly painful weapons and armor!

Tuangoo’s Temerity: In celebration of the scientific confidence and knowledge that led to the reclamation of cloning as a viable technology to help humanity survive the dark days behind and ahead.

The København Kibosh: In honor of the violent and victorious reclamation of København by its engineers and shipwrights who marched on and overthrew the lawless tribes that took over after the Catastrophe.

Daedalus Divergent: Honoring the birth of the Prometheus movement on Daedalus Station, a mark of the embrace of differing views within the great tribe of Humanity.

Tau Triumphant: Celebrating the jewel of the Consortium and what many consider the bastion of humanity’s emergence from the Catastrophe.

The Labors of Limoge: Honoring the tribulations of the artistic haven of Nouveau Limoges, leading up to the signing of the Limoge Accords.

Sol’s Soliloquy: Sol Jump Gate is the entrance and exit to the traditional cradle of human civilization. From here do our thoughts, ideas, and ideologies step out into the vast unknown and ripple outwards throughout the galaxy!