Hemingway’s Hyperdashery: Intergalactic Mega-Luxury!

Luxury, one often finds, is scarce in a post-catastrophe civilization. Most, whislt struggling to survive a near extinction level event, rarely are able to afford such amenities that some of us find essential to any sort of life worth living (or taking)! For us few elite, such considerations, however, are never off the table! Welcome to Hemingway’s Hyperdashery, gearing the galaxy in ultra-finery (if you can afford it).

Legends (happily planted, nurtured, and cultivated by our own specialist, high-octane marketing division) tell of a station in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, where luxury and refinement runeth over like treacle on a finely calibrated, ultra-powerful, hyper-cruiser engine.

Here, for those who have the financial prowess to make the trip, are the very finest of situations and acquisitions made available for the discerning buyer. Avenues glitter with purveyors of the grandest goods, holo-screens and Omni-Reality visions showcase every magnificence imaginable as the galaxy itself dances for your very amusement, projected onto the dome above. 

Special packages created for only the very VIPest among you are only the tip of the iceberg. Very soon (watch this space) we are unavailing entire swathes of high quality gear built for maximum-killabillity, ultra-survivability, and brimming with sexiness of sleek design to rival the very stars that strut their celestial tangos upon our celestial dance-floor!

What’s more, this maniacally terrifo-megalistic merchandise will be available for purchase and shipment right through your own CORETECHS device (or that of your personal shopper’s). Hemingway’s Hyperdashery is extending to you an invitation into the finest in luxury violence and magnificent protection.

Governmental engineers are currently in negotiations with our Intergalactic Retail Privilege Intake Division (Int.Re.P.i.D) for limited gating rights to our central location. Watch this space and perhaps, if you are deserving and very, very rich, you too may find yourself walking down the hologolden promenades of the Galaxy’s only purveyor of distilled luxury!

Welcome (soon…) to Hemingway’s Hyperdashery!