Have a good holiday, Citizens!

A pink plastic famingo and a digital display with the message "see you in September" and big pink banner below stating "travel mode on"

For many members of our beloved Community, as well as some of the Tau Station team, right now is holiday season! Shuttles have been dispatched and orbital vacation facilities have been booked (always while maintaining the appropriate social distancing and safety requirements)!

2020 has been a special year for a number of reasons. What still really¬† matters to us, however, is that we are not many, we are one! It’s really touching what an awesome, helpful, respectful, and welcoming Community you are. We’re very proud of what we achieved together with you already, and there is so much more to come!

For now, we wish you an extraordinarily pleasant holiday! Hopefully you can reload your batteries, just as several members of our own crew are doing right now. As you may know from our various reports, the team has been working a lot on major game additions and improvements. While our work for you continues behind the scenes, we’ll all see you again in September!

Enjoy the warm sunbeams from the Sol system, with a cold drink in your hand – no matter which station you are on! See you around the anti-grav pool!

Much love, your Tau Station team