Happy Cycle 200, citizens!

The clock just passed Cycle 200! Read on to learn more about what the survivors of the Catastrophe celebrate today, uncover gifts for active citizens (as the administration said: activity pays off), and discover a new mission for everyone.

Setting clocks back to zero

When the Catastrophe struck, our very way of life was torn to pieces, many lost their lives and only a small fraction of us managed to survive. Our way of life came to a halt, our time time almost ended, the clocks were set back to zero. We had to start over, rising from the ashes of the past. For that reason, but also in remembrance for both the fallen as well as those who struggled on, a new timescale was introduced.  The Galactic Coordinated Time (GCT) always reminds us to be grateful for every unit, every segment, every day, and every cycle, because we are still here!

Something approaching

During recent days, several news segments were spread across various channels by the administration of Tau Station: active citizens would soon be rewarded, because you helped build a new home for everyone! Quite quickly, many citizens recognized that the countdown was all about reaching Cycle 200.

A small yellow metal box with a big question mark on the front, it has several scratches and looks used. On the left side, text says "Activity Pay Off".

A VIP pack for Cycle 200 citizens

In order to celebrate 200 cycles of survival, the administration sent a special gift to all citizens who have been active the week prior to cycle 200: a 4 Days VIP pack!

On the right side, there is a big 4 Days VIP pack with a label stating "Happy 200 Cycles" A clock shows the Galactic Coordinated Time (GCT) of cycle 200, day 00, segment 00 and unit 000. Beneath the clock, a slogan "Happy New Cycle 200!"

A special mission for all citizens

For all of you, no matter when you started or continued your adventure, a special new mysterious mission has also been unlocked: ‘A Difficult Anniversary’. Learn more about the meaning of our cycles, rumors about the Catastrophe, and meet new people like Ava or Cédric. If you don’t meet the level 12 requirement yet, there is no need to rush. The mission’s availability is not time-limited, it is here stay and will also be available for all citizens joining Tau Station after Cycle 200! There is a lot for you to discover. For example, one particular character might sound pretty familiar to many of you…

  • Will you be the first to find out where the mission starts?
  • Will you solve all tasks to claim the very special reward at the end?

Happy New Cycle, citizens!