Galactic Destinations: Sirius Jump Gate

Several Freebooter spaceships flying to Jump Gate of the Sirius system

Today’s issue is a special travel advisory for those considering a visit to Sirius Jump Gate. As the entry point to an all-Freebooter system, this place makes quite the first impression. Here are some handy pointers to ensure it’s not one you remember for the wrong reasons…

Pay up!

Most spaceship captains can expect a payment demand on entry to the system. This covers transit permissions. Our advice here is simple: pay up! The Jump Gate’s Brig is already full of those who tried to evade this levy. Don’t make the same mistake they did.

As a strategically-positioned system, Sirius is an essential transit route for through traffic to Luyten’s Star, Kapteyn’s Star, and Wolf 359, to name a few. Such traffic volumes ensure the ‘Booters of Sirius will never know empty pockets!

Credit$ & bond$ galore!

It’s worth repeating, just for the avoidance of doubt. The ‘Booters of Sirius Jump Gate are neither short of currency – nor the many things credits and bonds can purchase in this universe. There are few legal restrictions on ‘Booter activities. The more enterprising among them have taken full advantage, and the results are evident here. Just don’t go prying too much into the details of their ‘business activities’!

Paradoxically, although wealth is abundant here, it’s not a safe place for it. Visitors are advised that robbery – and even kidnap – is a common enterprise, fueled by low law and Orwellian levels. Those who insist on carrying valuables on them should invest in a bodyguard or three!

How do you like them apples?

You’re probably thinking the great powers aren’t overly fond of this haven of banditry and anarchy. Especially in such a strategically-vital system. And you’d be right!

It’s well known that neither Gaule nor Consortium forces enjoy being taken for dupes here. Nor do they relish the steady enrichment of their ‘Booter hosts every time a freighter requires passage through the system. And yet, the situation persists. Why? Well, that’s where the so-called ‘Apples of Discord’ come in.

A dark metallic Freebooter's space ship with an orange skull symbol passing a red planet

Maintained by hacktivists on nearby House of Congo, the entire system allegedly possesses a powerful weapon, known colloquially as ‘the apples’. Their threat involves the trigger of a chain reaction in the systems’ twin stars, which would obliterate anything within the system. This notion is sufficient to keep the great powers at bay, even if the weapon’s viability is the source of speculation.

Enjoy the ride!

In the interest of balanced reporting, we should also point out that the Jump Gate offers visitors the possibility of a ‘Sirius-ly’ good time. There’s rarely a dull moment on a station where the Bar never shuts.

Stay safe and have yourselves an enjoyable – and possibly very lucrative – time aboard the Jump Gate!