Galactic Destinations: Caen Stronghold

Greetings! Today Galactic Destinations will take you on a journey to a fabulously colorful location located within the system of Bernard’s Star. Wel…ERROR….to Cane’s Lega…INCOMING TRANSMISSION…


Black holes and vicious vacuums! You ain’t getting no tour of our station from some Consortium star-lubber who’s never even had the joy of breaking his teeth on a fist! Welcome to Caen Stronghold you wonderful, deep pocketed, credit spending buffoons! Courtesy of the Freebooters! We’re gonna tell you a little bit about the best station in the galaxy, so strap on your interstellar stabilizers and tune your CORETECHS into this!

Caen Stronghold is THE place to be brothers and sisters among the stars. Simply ain’t no place like it in the galaxy. See, thanks to a very large number of heavy ordnance ballistic weaponry that fairly covers the topside of our humble station, courtesy of some hefty scavenging off of a number of old battle cruisers, our old pals from the Consortium and Gaule Protectorate tend to have to leave us alone. It’s our little and very polite way of saying, “No cold callers thank you very much!”

What does this mean for you, the ever enterprising tourist with a sackful of credits to spend? It means no rules! Well, ok, it means no  interstellar laws. We still got some rules… folks fight, folks drink and debauch…but our local merchant princes do keep a certain kind of law when absolutely required. Can’t have every boozed up space trekker and star smuggler out there just murdering each other in plain sight, that gets awful messy, awful fast.

Whoah… that got pretty grim there hey? Ok, how about some local history! Well, trouble is we don’t have that in much supply! See, when the first folks came to Caen Stronghold after the Catastrophe, all we found was a big old crater in the middle of the main city and a dark and dead station. Still don’t quite know, to this day, what caused it!

Most of them that found their way to the station in those early days had been between destinations when it all went to funky town. Pilots, smugglers, traders, and the like. Generally folks who were competent with a spanner one way or another. Well, they set about on fixing up the place, plugging up the giant hole and jury-rigging the power and life support systems back online.

More and more trickled in and our happy little community grew. Even got ahold of a couple of big old cruisers and promptly stripped ‘em of all their heavy guns. See, life was turning out to be quite passable on this old rig, quite passable indeed! And most folk knew that someone always likes to come along and strip that precious freedom away.

So you set your mind at ease. When you come to Caen Stronghold, your freedom is your own! Best keep an eye on your credit purse though!