Food for Thought: Genotypical Gastronomy

Somebody a long, long time ago said,

“The nourishment of body is food, while the nourishment of the soul is feeding others.”

Here at Sinclair Biomeats, we manage to have our genotypically nutritional supplement, and eat it too! We print food we want to eat and sell it right to you! Our latest range of nourishing nourishments (disclaimer:taste not guaranteed) aims to feed the bodies and souls of those of a specific genotypical persuasion. Peruse the menu below!

A ration pack created by Sinclair Biomeats in black packing. "Muscle Pump", a paste meal "ready to eat".

A black ration pack created by Sinclair Biomeats which contains "Nimble Mover", a candy, ready to eat.

Sinclair Biomeats and, (galactic fair-trade legislation compels us to report) to an extent of far lesser quality, Vkusnu Victuals, have been researching and developing a line of food and drink products that nourish body and/or mind on a very genetic level! Our tasty (taste not guaranteed) supplements are infused with minerals, vitamins, and D.N.A. enhancers that target specific genetic makeups. Individuals of specific genotypes will find that enjoying specific flavors will enhance their genetically given advantages, and occasionally negate their nucleicly bestowed disadvantages. 

A chew bar named "Last Longer" in black packing with Sinclair Biomeat logo on top.

Another meal ready to eat by Sinclair Biomeats: "Brain Booster", a meal ready to eat, in a black package.

"Smooth Talker" is a snack by Sinclair Biomeats.

Our scientists report that CORETECHS biometrics suggest that individuals of specific genotypes, enjoying a hearty meal of their matched foodstuffs will note a temporary increase of 15% when engaged in activities that use their primary biometric stat and a 7% increase when engaged in activities that utilize their secondary biometric stat. There is also, for a time, 0% training loss from their weakest statistic. 

These numbers are based on CORETECHS metrics gathered from almost entirely willing test subjects. 

5 drinks by kusno Victuals in plastic bottles with a variety stat icons that indicate which stat gets boosted by this liquid. The first one is blue and shows a strength icon, the black bottle has an agility icon, the green slightly taller drink, has a stamina sign. The fourth, brown bottle is a bit smaller and shows an intelligence icon. The last, purple one indicates that it gives a boost on the social stat.

Baseline individuals may also freely sample from this range of our products of course! Biometrics suggest that they enjoy 50% of the benefits of the genotypically targeted delicacies.