Feature Preview: Upcoming Private Trades

In a post-apocalyptic galaxy, trading is one of the cornerstones of survival. Over time, multiple options for exchanging goods have been added to the game, like visiting vendors or placing offers on the public market. The game economy dynamically reacts to supply and demand  per station while University courses and your local reputation also affect your personal prices. Today we want to share a preview of a new option: direct trading.

Preamble: W.I.P.

Please keep in mind that the feature is still currently in development and therefore some of the UI images are mock-ups. The final layouts and some functionality may still go through some iterations before we reach the final stage.

Global and Local Trades

Placing offers on the Public Market means that everyone in the entire Tau Station universe, no matter if friend or foe, can acquire your goods. Being in the same area, station, or even system is not a requirement.

The new option for direct trades will empower you to create individual offers, addressed to one single Citizen. The profile pages will be extended with an additional button granting access to the new feature.

A profile page of a male person 'Bladerunner' with a purple mohawk. 4 buttons show the options to interact with him: Add as a friend, Add as an enemy, email, and Direct Trading.

Street Hawker Business

Starting a direct trade on the profile of Citizen will open a new interface, as long as you have learned the required skill.

Warning pop-up when engaging direct trading without having the skill needed. The message states "You should unlock the skill at first"

Your Inventory Rules!

If you finished your studies, a pop-up shows up. As you can see on the screenshot, these new hand-shake agreements are only possible with items from your inventory. Select what you wish to offer and proceed.

Direct trading UI: your inventory is shown. Selecting an item shows the detail screen with all details and unlocks the button for direct trading which means selecting this item.

The following screen is about selecting the quantity (in case of stackable items), the price you want to ask for and an optional message – quite useful for all friends of the special Tau Station welcoming culture, sending “welcome aboard gifts” to new Citizens.

Shipping Fees

In the UI below there is also an instant shipping option to speed things up for you. In case of direct trading, buyers have to pay the shipping fees, because the costs will be determined by their position at the moment they accept a deal.

The optional instant shipping gives you the opportunity to avoid waiting times in case you’re very far away (as a buyer) or in case you, as a vendor, want to add this as a special service for your customer.

Please note: In case the vendor decided to pay for instant shipping, the receiver is not able to select the option anymore (you do not pay twice). In case both parties are at the same place, the bonds won’t be taken as, presumably, you’re able to simply hand over the goods.

Trading Fees

Following the logic of our economy system, trading fees will apply. But the difference to the public market is that the receiver, and not the vendor, has to pay for it.

The reason lies in the behavior impacts of the person accepting or declining an offer: not being in same area when trade is accepted results in shipping being required, and as the offer is not exposed to the entire population of Tau Station, the vendor shouldn’t pay fees for every personal offer, especially if not accepted.

UI for further preparing the offer after the item has been selected: it shows the items name, you can select the quantity, the asking price, add an optional message and activate the option of instant shipping for 10 bonds.

Keeping Track of Street Business

Being a Vendor: My Sales

Further UI will support you to keep track of your offers and acquisitions. The brief summaries contain item information, trade partners, price, quantity, and an expiration time stamp which applies to all trades. All offers are available for a tenspan; they expire automatically after 10 days.

The overview of your sales contains the option for vendors to cancel their offers.

UI in the CORETECHS: My sales with a table "My Pending Sales" and the options described in the text earlier.

The buyer’s perspective

A second tab in your CORETECHS lists everything being offered to you. As a potential buyer, you can either accept or reject the deal. Accepting opens a further screen with additional options (see below).

UI with the table of items being offered to you. It shows the item with pictogram and tier information, the seller's avatar and name, price, quantity, expiration time and 2 buttons to either accept or reject and offer.

The “accept” button opens a pop-up with further details you may need to know. In case the vendor did include instant shipping already, you’re able to use that service.

Pup-up with offer details like item name, picture, location, shipping time, price and shipping fees, plus the option to activate instant shipping.

We hope you enjoyed these insights. Please share your thoughts with us on the forums, chat, or our Social Media channels. Thank you!