Daedalus Station. Your True One Life awaits.

What was once violent and rough, volatile, and explosive has calmed like the stars from which our bodies were fed our first ancient form. The old ones give us the origin tales of our promise land: Daedalus, our home and we, The Promethean Sect, have claimed it as our own. We thrive on our home station. The time for destruction and disorder has come and gone. Our bounty is won: Daedalus Station is our haven. From this we vow peace. Sated, we vow calm.

Continue, that you may know more.

This holy place once churned phosphorus for the system. Without it, life could not grow. Yet the ancestors did grow. They expanded and claimed; emboldened, they forgot their pure roots. Until finally The Catastrophe scorched the haughty and laid siege to all around. Fitting, we feel, that such a place would rest in the nurturing hands of we Prometheans through The Peerage. We who hold life as hallowed understand best the sacred task of processing and providing that which gives life to the precious green things: phosphorus. We are the honored keepers of life.

No vision of others to our pure ancient ancestors compares to that which we embody. The Peerage is here to help you, to save you from the death of the mind and soul. To artificially prolong one’s existence is, by our gospel, no true nor worthy existence at all. With us, you can be everything your one life promises. The replicant clone is an affront to our truest self. We pity the husks and mourn that which they presume to mirror. Clones are not the answer to the full life. The full life may only come to fruition through the one life.

Daedalus Station offers a community to those who embrace our creed. Our renowned phosphorus processing plant has been retooled and is operational; shipping the means of survival to all corners of the system. We are a processing plant of vital goods.

Our administrative hub and presence is known as The Peerage.  More than just a building, The Peerage is a term used to describe both the place and the people. The Peers are the civil servants of The Prometheus Sect, those who have chosen a path of public works to promote and protect our ideals. Through a treaty with The Consortium, The Peerage arranged our settling of Daedalus Station as our holy headquarter homeland. The well-being and daily needs of our people are seen to by The Peerage with a professional precision.

The Peers, cognizant of the toll social segregation can take on a culture, live alongside the diligent workers of Daedalus in the residential district. We are a united people, blessed with the zeal for our one life. Although, as is the case with all stations, ruins do exist on Daedalus, rarely are they home to those that strive to benefit the greater good of The Sect.

Employment is obtained with ease at the Daedalus Employment Center and often small tasks can be found for the industrious in the station inn, The 1-Up. Here is an excellent place for visitors to find temporary housing while better acquainting with the local customs. Any able-bodied traveler on the path of their one life will find a community of open arms and we are always eager to make a place for them. Our hope is that visitors are only visitors for a brief time.

The Daedalus market provides a wealth of interstellar goods for trade or sale. Those Prometheans with an entrepreneurial streak are known for their broker’s prowess and obtain items from far reaches as trade goods for both residents and visitors alike. Accessing saved creds is of no concern as The Bank of Daedalus is closely connected with the market district and is open at every hour to ensure the best financial service for the industries of The Prometheus Sect station. Should trouble, financial or otherwise, arise, The Peerage of Daedalus is vigilant to protect both Prometheans and visitors alike.

Daedalus Station places heavy emphasis on the care of one’s true body. The station has a state-of-the-art training gym and well-staffed Moemedi Sick Bay. Care for one’s true form is at the top of our tenets. The Promethean Sect is committed to providing the spiritual and physical path to the fullest one life possible.

We, The Promethean Sect of Daedalus Station welcome the visitors of the stars, the pilgrims, and the lost. Truly believe that when you arrive, it was your one true soul that brought you here.