Cycle 212: Desktop Version 1.0 is Coming to a CORETECHS Near You!

Tau Station desktop version 1.0 update

Some time has passed since the last content update and for good reason!  The team has been working on big changes to the core of Tau Station. The good news is: The wait is nearly over! Soon you’ll be able to understand the reason why you’ve been waiting so patiently…

So what’s been happening in the background, deep within the heart of Tau Station recently?

Those of you who follow our blog and social channels already received some impressions about all the exciting changes, such as the C.H.R.O.N.I.C.L.E.S. that we’ve been working on.

Version 1.0 is coming closer

For several months, the team has been very busy implementing manifold changes with a focus on a vast UI overhaul that will massively upgrade your game experience. In the most recent update changelog in August 2021,  Leila shared some early previews and mentioned that the next update will need “more work going forward as each room and area will be redesigned.”Now, we’re putting the game into a status we always had envisioned.

New UI of Sidejobs with several NPCs offering tasks

On top of all the UI changes, the A.R.T. team has created new assets like brand new NPC avatars, while our Omni-Realtity Architechts have been busy with a narrative migration of all missions. Playing those again will be worth it, and even more interactive and joyful experience awaits!

Currently, our different teams are focusing on getting a lot of work done – a strict rule is to reduce any distractions to get everything done for you. This paid off! Soon we’ll share more details with you about all these exciting aspects.

Nicki is a mid-aged male with a brown beard, smirking with dirt on his faceYolanda Harris is a female, around 30 years, wearing a fine blue dress with long brown hair in braids

Step 1: Release of Desktop version 1.0

A major update for the desktop version is coming closer. The time of switching our CORETECHS to zero distraction mode allowed us to focus in our work and helped us have version 1.0 rolling out in Cycle 212, around March (old earth time).

With the desktop update, we’ll share our vision of Tau Station with you and start the next important development phase with your help.

Step 2: Your Feedback & frequent updates

Those of you who are with us for some time already, know our Community approach: After its release, we want you to get a feel for Desktop Version 1.0 to get a sense of what Tau Station has become.

You’re invited to play, test, and feel the updated game to provide your ideas and feedback because we’ll continue working on the new UI for several pages and also start the polishing phase, based on your input. While several parts of the game are still work in progress, it’s time to get your feedback!

The Community already shared so much love and valuable feedback in the past. Together we shaped up the vision of a galaxy you literally can live in. We’re excited to listen to your thoughts about the brand new version of Tau Station to make it a diverse home for everyone. As usual, we will prioritize your input without pressure to ensure good quality and we’ll inform you honestly about future development. Please note, it’s not finished yet.

With the big milestone update being released, you can expect frequent weekly updates again!

Thus, your input about the update will be very important for us to finalize the implementation in order to move on to the tablet/mobile phone version, and the single-page application.

Step 3: New mobile/tablet version & single-page app

Another major milestone on our agenda is to transform Tau Station into a single-page application. This will enhance your game experience by boosting performance and reducing the required number of page reloads!

Our Engineering and Vessel Mainframe teams will not only be working on the single page application but will also prepare a new version for mobile devices and tablets in parallel, similar to what we’re doing right now for desktop. Please note that with the upcoming release of version 1.0 in Cycle 212 the version on mobile devices and tablets will be impacted and not optimal until we released the update for these devices. This transition phase is expected to last approximately 1 Cycle (around three months).

Step 4: Music

While you’re reading this, our talented Chief HRS Technician is working on new music tracks. We’ll enrich the game with additional music after step 3 has been completed. This is needed to ensure a nice audio experience without interruptions due to the (current) technical setup.

Online Meeting: Join us on the 31st of March!

In combination with the vast update and big next steps we’re taking, we want to invite all citizens -not only Council members- to join a special call: Leila and the team will inform you about the development plans for 2022!

If you want to meet the team behind Tau Station and learn more about our roadmap, join us on Thursday, 31st of March 2022. We’ll share the precise time and link to the online meeting with you in March. So, make sure to follow us on our Social channels!

Calling the Citizen Council!

Now, that version 1.0 is arriving and frequent content updates will follow afterward, we’re happy to announce that the Citizen Council will have regular meetings with the Tau Station team again. We’re currently aiming towards the end of March/April (old earth time) to start the engines.

In case you just joined Tau Station: The Citizen Council is our core Community institution of elected members who are in close touch with the dev team, prioritizing requests and ideas from all Tau Station citizens that will be discussed in special meetings while reporting to the Community afterward. You can even find the elected board of members right in the game.

We hope you’re as excited as we are as the next game update (for desktop) will be an important milestone for Tau Station.

See you around the galaxy!
Your Tau Station crew