Corporate Spotlight: Yasutsuna Corp

Tau Station - Corporate Spotlight Yasutsuna Corp producer of weapons

A renowned manufacturer of high-quality arms, the Yasutsuna Corp sells their weapons to any and all customers, regardless of their affiliation. The corporation has a vast reach throughout the star systems, supported by an honorable reputation and their premium product ranges.

“Affordable Excellence.”Yasutsuna Corp

The Yasutsuna Corp was founded post Catastrophe when various families and clans banded together to make a home for themselves among the stars. At the time, they hoped solely to avoid falling prey to another disaster and to ensure their safe future.

A massive fleet of starships, owned by the Yasutsuna Corp, was cobbled together after the Catastrophe struck. The widespread destruction of the stations resulted in this Tanegashima Fleet traveling through the many star systems like a school of fish from the ancient seas of Earth. This fleet is made up of ships of all sizes, from massive vessels that are nearly the size of stations, to small one-person spacecraft.

The Tanegashima Fleet is Yasutsuna Corp’s naval division, with their exploits in battle and fierce reputation providing the company an impressive deterrent to their rivals. The capital ship, the Tonchō, is a six-million metric tonne behemoth, with its infamous phaser arrays and aft torpedo launcher. This, along with the rest of the fleet, is why the two great powers tread carefully in dealings with this corporation.

Currently, the headquarters for Yasutsuna Corp are located on Hopkins’ Legacy in the Barnard’s Star system. Once a station of in-fighting between survivors, the arrival of Tanegashima Fleet troops established law and order for the first time since the Catastrophe.

The Yasutsuna Corp wasted no time in getting the station up and running again and is busily pouring credits into the repair and maintenance of Hopkins’ Legacy. Provisions of weapons and rations, water, and medical supplies have given this Independent station and its residents, both safety and support.

Extensive weapon’s facilities were set up on the station to assist Yasutsuna Manufacturing to keep pace with the increased demand and popularity of their products. Rows of gleaming machines tirelessly work assembly lines, pumping out guns, armor, and ammunition, further adding to the growing rank and reputation of the Yasutsuna Corp.

Having been able to acquire a sizable market of the weapons industry, Yasutsuna Corp is now firmly on the path to expansion. Their successful progress in recent cycles has both raised concerns and quiet admiration from the other corporations.