Community Spotlight:

Lights out, spotlight on! It’s time to talk about another useful Community contribution. This one offers useful advice and info to all Citizens for free: the Tau Station Wiki.

Happy Anniversary!

While preparing our article, we discovered the fan Wiki project was started exactly one year and two days ago, on 17th April 2018. Happy anniversary!

Team Power

Started by our Citizen Shadow, many other well-known adventurers have since contributed to the project. Perleone, among other things, created the Wiki’s Station Area Matrix, dualafn has contributed quite a lot, and it was Geoff who created the Quickstart page. Further contributors have included moritz, Dotsent, quasidart, and Xierumeng.

If you’d like to support the Wiki and become a contributor as well, please get in touch with Shadow. Simply send an ingame message; additional helpers are very much appreciated! You can already create an account on the Wiki page. Low-level support especially would be very much appreciated in order to complete some topics for new players.

Community Spotlight frame - inside two screenshots of the fan wiki

Tau Station: Help Section

As the Tau Station Community has already created a colorful bag of awesome help sites, we added a summary of links to the game. In case you don’t already know about this, please click the help icon next to your avatar and open the category “List of useful fan sites”. This way, you always have all links at hand!

UI snippet of the information panel with a female avatar and the icons for mails, events, friends & foes list, settings, help and logout. An arrow is pointing at the help icon.

UI snippet of the help window that contains various topics like "New Citizen advice", "How to report an issue", etc. The third topic "list of useful fan sites" is collapsed and an arrow is pointing at the link for "Tau Station Wiki".

And so, to highlight the value of this special effort from our citizens, our narrative team will create a special side job, themed around the Wiki and mentioning everyone. Thank you!

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