Community Spotlight: Fan Site TauHead

In April we introduced the new “Community Spotlight” series, which is dedicated to remarkable content coming from you, the community! We are happy to showcase outstanding contribution: firefu’s fan website, TauHead! The site contains a plethora of information, both for new citizens who are starting their adventure and for players who’ve been with us longer. TauHead has become a remarkable source of knowledge that has been frequently used by a growing number of visitors.

TauHead and how it all began

The citizen, firefu, joined Tau Station very early in January, as part of the 2nd wave of Closed Alpha Testers. Right from the start, he was a very active and supportive community member who reported findings and even made several suggestions for improvement. But that was not enough for him; during Closed Alpha he started to work on his project to support other citizens with useful overviews, such as a list of all missions, which gets frequently updated.

firefu launched his site near the end of March, 2018, and by mid May, TauHead  had already had around 16,000 page hits and 2,000 visitors (thanks for sharing these insights with us!). firefu started learning Perl5 in 2000 and is working as a web developer. TauHead uses Catalyst and DBlx::Class – the same as Tau Station.

Visit firefu’s TauHead site:

Community Spotlight frame - inside a screenshot of webpage

Internal fun fact

Thecommunity matters to us, and we want to create a special experience for, but also together with science fiction fans all over the world. We wish to support your activities as much as we can, and picture usage was an important topic on our list for the live launch. Thanks to firefu, we sped up our plans, giving permission for the use of screenshots, with very simple rules for using not only captured images, but also the assets such as item pictures from Tau Station.

If you want to use game assets for a non-commercial fan site as well, please have a look at the according forum announcement.

New Community item

In order to thank firefu for his work, a new item of tier level 3 has been added to game with the first content update in July.

Detail view UI of the new item carrying firefu's name


What is Community Spotlight?

Tau Station’s “Community Spotlight” series highlights outstanding contributions by Tau Station’s citizens, which can be pictures, texts, or in general helpful, creative, charming or funny activities. It happens intermittently, when something special comes to our attention. Everyone is invited to share their own creations or others that you’ve spotted. Simply get in touch with our community team. The Tau Station team will choose candidates, and as a matter of respect, they will be contacted by us beforehand. Only if a candidate agrees to be a Spotlight winner, will their work be presented.


Spotlight winners are rewarded! The ways can differ, and the team will always ask you if you agree to our suggestion. With one of the next content updates, you will see a special item in the game, branded with firefu’s name. On top to that, a special Community Spotlight game feature is planned for the future in order to focus on bigger feature updates.

Presentation & Participation

Rewarded contributions will be presented with an according picture showing the screen name the winner is using in Tau Station (Social Media mentions are only used if the winner requests it or agrees to it). Community Spotlights are communicated on our official channels like this blog, Facebook, Twitter, forums (later). In case of content such as artwork, the contribution will be stored on our servers to present it.

Everyone can participate! All you need is a regular game account. 3rd party rights must be respected (candidates assure that) and underage players must get their parents’ permission.