Community Spotlight: Sotheryn’s Citizen Blog

Tau Station Community Spotlight Citizen blog Sotheryn

For today’s Community Spotlight, we are pleased to introduce you to the work of Sotheryn, one of the many Citizen Blog bloggers. Sotheryn’s writing, unique in tone, and stylized to emulate intercepted correspondence, inspires debate around the topic of Cloning.

The theme of Sotheryn’s blogpost compliments the intrigue pervasive in Tau Station brilliantly. “Observational Remarks for Risk Assessment by Cloning Facilities” presented as a leaked report, written by an actual NPC, Doctor Briggs, a cloning technician working for The Anima Foundation, is riveting.

Within it, Sotheryn describes the nature of a new experiment, conducted specifically on clones; expertly presenting a full analysis, detailing all aspects of the process.

Three subjects were selected based on speculative information about possible behaviour alert signs.

These subjects were observed using Station Security Services camera footages at Tau Station, and field notes were taken for qualitative analysis of relevant behavioural content.

The usage of tone-specific terminology, keeping with the presented theme, makes the report comprehensive -brings it to life. It outlines significant background data, as well as detailing the three test subjects.

We have clearly gone through the phase where the survival rate is so high that now we can further focus on the minor details that might be happening beneath our watch.

Maybe we should extend this behavioural analysis to provide a baseline for measuring if the cloning process might have any minor risks that are still occurring, serving as a clear preliminary ground for developing a Risk Assessment on the current cloning practice.

A fun and informative post, that sparks questions, stimulates the imagination, and encourages healthy debate around the topic. Sotheryn’s insights make Tau Station a deeper, richer, and a more interesting universe to explore.

The Citizen Blogs were designed with this level of involvement in mind. We are inspired by how deeply invested in the story, the universe, and the game you’ve all become. Thank you, Sotheryn and all the other bloggers!