Combat UI and PvP are leveling up!

Today we’d like to share some insights into improvements on combat. We’ve been working on global UI polishing and are now touching up our combat system. In parallel we’ve been working on the core combat system itself, adding new functionalities and following your wishes of more interactive PvP! Read on for an impression on what we’ve been aiming for; we look forward to your feedback!

Let’s start with one of the features you’ve been most asking for…

In development: Interactive PvP

You asked for a feature that empowers you to jump right into a fight in case you’re online while someone is boldly trying to beat you up.

In the future, a pop-up will inform you of a hostile attack, including some basic information about your opponent. You have limited time to make your decision: try to flee or initiate interactive combat. If the timer expires, the system will take your part in the fight just as is the case right now. How much time you’ll have precisely is still a pending balancing decision for now.

A popup informs that you've been attacked by Antagonist, a Belter of level 15. His avatar, armor and primary weapon are shown. 2 buttons are available with "flee" and "fight back" while a countdown below shows that you have 141 units left to make your decision.

In development: New PvP UI

Similar to prior UI changes we did for the CORETECHS, new storage management, archive or forums, PvP will also benefit from our landscape design (full-screen).

More information

New interface elements will indicate the damage type that had the biggest impact, a helpful detail if you try to optimize your gear against a specific opponent. The battle log will be transformed into an optional feature as the direct effects on stats are now shown right on each players avatar. Also new are icons prompting item usage like the consumption of stims.

The counter until guard arrival is positioned at the top of the new UI and if you have a closer look at the screenshot, you will find a second timer in the middle. If an attacked Citizen decided to defend themselves, it’s interactive combat! The countdown in the middle shows your remaining time to finish your turn. You need to act in this given time frame, otherwise you will not do any actions on that turn.

New Actions

As we’ve been touching the interface and combat system, two new options extend your strategic possibilities in combat: rush and retreat. Once you learned new skills that unlock these options, you have the chance to change the combat distance! Successfully rushing to your enemy engages close range combat while retreating extends the distance again, forcing the battle to take place at a longer range.

New combat in landscape view (full screen) with the remaining time bar for guards arrival on top in the middle. the attacker on the left, showing the avatar, name, all stat bars, both weapons, armor and belt (in this case minimized due to "skill locked"). The opponent is shown on the right with the same information besides combat belt. Hits are indicated above the avatars with a beam, respectively big scratch, depending on main damage type dealt. A stim icon indicates that one player used a stim pack. Options are in the middle with attack and attempt to flee. New options are rush, respectively retreat buttons. At the lower right bottom arrows indicate that you can call up the log or inventory (currently locked)

Your opponent’s turn

A pop-up with a countdown indicates that it’s your opponent’s turn.

When it's your opponent's turn, a waiting popup shows the remaining time your enemy has to finish his move, including name and avatar.

Mobile view

The mobile version will also benefit from the new interface, but this comes with the important layout change by 90Ā° to landscape view as well. With the exception of a few details, the UI is quite similar to the desktop version and most importantly, you’ll be able to enjoy interactive combat on mobile devices just like on desktop!

Mobile view is quite similar to the desktop version described earlier. At the top, the combat range information is displayed next to the guard countdown.

New PVP End Screens

The UI refurbishment also comes with brand new presentations of the results. Besides XP gain and potential reputation changes, a new counter dedicated to PvP fights will pay respect to all your PvP victories.

Winning or Losing

As usual, the winner can either loot or simply leave the battlegrounds. Interactive combat contains an important addition: now, you as a defenderĀ  get a chance to claim a reward at the end in case you’re attacked, but were able to successfully defend yourself!

End of PVP screen, showing avatars of both participants. In this case the attacker has won, indicated by a laurel wreath and the banner "Victorious". Below both players, icons reflect the results, such as a counter for victories, XP gain and reputation change. There are 2 options/buttons to choose from; either to leave or loot. A countdown below shows the time remaining for your decision (100 units in this case).

Another outcome, maybe less preferred one, is losing a fight. In this case, you’re lucky if the current station has a Sick Bay.

End of PVP screen, showing avatars of both participants. In this case the attacker has lost, indicated by a red background and the banner "Vanquished". Below both players, icons reflect the results, such as a counter for victories, XP gain and reputation change. There is only one buttons to "wake up at Sick Bay".

The mobile version of the victory screen:

The result screen on mobile devices is similar to the desktop picture described earlier.

Loot and Leave

After a victory, you can loot your opponent and steal some credits off their wallet.

The battle result screen is faded out with a pop-up above showing the amount of credits (here 2500) you gained by looting your enemy.

Letting your enemy go away without insisting on the right of looting is awarded with some extra experience; for some Citizens a useful strategy to level-up faster.

The battle result screen is faded out with a pop-up above showing the XP you gained (here 4%) by leaving your enemy without looting.

Results without interaction

There are several scenarios when you get attacked while not joining interactive combat. But you’ll still get a pop-up informing you about the result of the fight.

A popup telling you that you've been attacked by level 15 player Hurricane, but you won. The screen shows the female avatar, armor and primary weapon of Hurricane. In addition, your reward is listed: credits (2500) and experience points (4%).

There is no precise date for the release yet, but we’ll inform you in time as usual. PvP is just the starting point, other fights will get improved as well, but with several variations according to requirements.

We hope you enjoyed these insights into the current UI and combat development and are looking forward to your comments!