Closed Alpha: Tip of the Day #2 – VIP package

Tip of the Day

In Tau Station, like most societies, wealth can give substantial benefits to your everyday life. How can you gain the advantage in space? To answer to this question, today, in our series of tips about Tau Station, we are discussing VIP status!

VIP status is awarded by using a VIP package. The package gives you a boost and an advantage, as all your stats will replenish at a much higher rate, and the Focus stat will be augmented by 50 points. This may allow you to get more things done more quickly! VIP status is also acknowledged by the officials of the stations, who will store rations especially for you for up to 30 days. Though you’ll still need a visa to travel to stations managed by other factions, as a VIP, the government can even grant you the possibility to buy tickets  off-station whenever you like, whether the shuttles are full or not! Isn’t preferential treatment great? Use a VIP package and be a star among the stars!

A shiny VIP package item