Closed Alpha: Tip of the Day #9 – University Courses

Tip of the Day

“Knowledge is power, and I know a lot.”
(-Education Technician Amaidoo)

Do you want to know more also? – Then follow us in today’s Tip of the Day about the University!

Higher education via nanite injections

Yes, you read it right: Nanites. Injections. Learning new things in the universe of Tau Station is no longer a question of how hard you work and study, but how much you want to pay for it. At the University, the usual process to gain competence in a new field of study is to inject microscopic nanites into the brain and wait for them to connect neurons to one another, thus “creating” new knowledge in place of the nothingness that was there before. This allows students to continue to do whatever they want once the injection has been made. No one is stuck at the University for long periods of time these days – except for the Education Technicians of course! But be careful, you can only have one injection at a time! You don’t want your piloting skills mixed up with first aid, do you?

Fields of study

There are currently 7 fields in which you can take courses:

  • Business – how to handle the market and sell things
  • Combat – how to fight and defend yourself
  • Engineering – how to repair and build things
  • Leadership – how to create a syndicate and engage yourself in politics
  • Medicine – how to heal wounds and prepare remedies
  • Psychology – how to navigate international relations and persuade people
  • Spaceship Operations – how to pilot and maintain your spaceship

University Courses: Anatomy icon

“Want to know how to fight? Nanite injection. Want to learn the complicated rules of the electronic market? Nanite injection. Want to become a skilled surgeon? Oh, no, sorry, we don’t provide this kind of injection in Tau Station University, you will have to go to Nouveau Limoges for that one!”

Unfortunately, there isn’t an University in every station, and each University doesn’t provide every class. You will have to travel from station to station if you want to learn everything the universities have to offer.

Knowledge requires planning

Everything comes with a price, and knowledge is not an exception. Early courses are cheap and quick to complete, allowing everyone to learn the basics of every subject. But, as you become more and more specialized, courses will become more expensive and will take a longer period of time to be completed.

Once a course is completed, you will permanently have access to all the benefits it gives you, and it will allow you to access more advanced classes you couldn’t take before. Advanced classes have prerequisites, hence, you have to plan what you want to learn accordingly. If you want to become a superb fighter for example, you will have to take the basic courses first, make enough money to complete all of them, be the correct level, travel to the right University, take the intermediate courses, then enroll in the advanced ones, and so on.

One last thing – the University would not be a place of knowledge if you weren’t able to train your Intelligence, so feel free to come by if you need to boost to your Intelligence stat! And for a few bonds, you can activate a CORETECHS Learning Enhancer and boost your Intelligence training.