Closed Alpha: Tip of the Day #8 – Traveling

Tip of the Day

What is the point of being in space if you can’t hop in a spaceship and go explore the universe? In today’s Tip of the Day, we will fly over the subject of traveling!

Ways of traveling

At the beginning of your journey, there are two basic ways to travel, plus an additional way that will be added later on:

  1. Local Shuttles
  2. Interstellar Shuttles
  3. Your own spaceship

Local shuttles allow you to travel to different stations located in the same star system. All you need to do is head over to the Port and purchase a ticket. At jump gates, you can journey through wormholes to new star systems by buying a seat on an Interstellar Shuttle.  Later, if you manage to earn enough credits, you can purchase your own spaceship and be the captain yourself. You decide where to fly to, and there will be no need to wait around for shuttles! Private crafts are still in development, and soon, skills will be available that will eventually be required in order to pilot said spaceships. Stay tuned!

A local shuttle

Getting a ticket

The duration of a trip differs depending on the star system, the distance between each station, and the station’s rotation. You want to choose a shuttle whose distance traveled will be low, but you should also be aware that you are not the only passenger, and shuttles only have a limited number of seats available. The moment all tickets have been sold, you will have to take another shuttle. Those with VIP status have the advantage of getting a last minute ticket, even if a shuttle won’t otherwise take any further passengers. Alternatively, you can go for an express shuttle, but instead of credits this special service is offered in exchange for a few bonds. If you’re in a hurry, express shuttles depart immediately and travel slightly faster than normal shuttles. If you’re not in a hurry, you can simply check the schedule in the Local Shuttle zone of the Port.

Be in time & be smart

Once you have bought your ticket, a countdown begins to the time when your shuttle departs. Don’t forget to be at the Local Shuttles before the shuttle doors get closed, otherwise you will miss takeoff and your ticket will expire.

While on board, smart people make use of the travel time to train their Intelligence. What better moment to do some mental exercises than traveling at light speed in a shuttle?

Don’t forget your visa

You have finally arrived at your destination!

“What do you mean you don’t have a visa? You must know that you need a Gaule visa to board a Gaule Station… No? Well sorry, ser, if you don’t have a visa you will have to go back from whence you came, off you go! I advise you to go to the nearest Gaule Embassy before you try to return!”

Once you have purchased your visa for 50 credits, it will be available for 10 days and can be renewed for 10 more days every 8 days. You can check the validity of your visa by going to your character page, and you also will receive notifications when your visa is about to expire. You will then have plenty of time to renew it.