Closed Alpha: Tip of the Day #5 – Credits & Bonds

Tip of the Day

Nothing in the galaxy is free, and money in the future is just as important as it is today. In today’s Tip of the Day, we’re going to discuss how to make money in a post-Catastrophe society.

There are two types of currency in the Tau Station Universe: credits and bonds. Most services and goods require credits, such as buying a regular shuttle ticket or getting a drink at the Bar. Bonds, however, are earned more rarely, but once acquired, they can help smooth over challenging situations, or can help to speed up things, such as getting a ticket for a faster shuttle or guaranteeing you a seat.

There are many paths to wealth in Tau Station. The Employment Center is a great place to start. There, you can choose a career, which will give you a daily stipend of both credit chips and bonds. A career also opens up for you a multitude of tasks that grant you several bonus credits if you succeed! The Employment Center is also where you can find Side Jobs to do around the station: small tasks that can be done quickly, earning you some extra credits.

Around the stations, you will also find NPCs who offer missions. In most cases, missions are far more complex, with multiple choices available. Aside from providing you experience towards increasing your level, missions are also a good source of income, as the people you work for or help are usually generously appreciative of your time. And, if you don’t mind doing some risky and sometimes shady jobs for credits, try your hand at Discreet Work.

Working not quite your thing? In the Marketplace you can buy, sell, and trade items that you no longer need. A person could spend their entire live(s) being a vendor; working for themselves or for a syndicate. The Ruins are a dangerous place, but with some luck, you can find salvageable goods you can either use or sell in the Market.

The road to wealth has many paths in the Tau Station Universe. Which will you choose?

Credits and Bonds