Closed Alpha: Tip of the Day #3 – Clones

Tip of the Day

What do you do when facing a decision that might mean the end? Do you take the risk or does this mortal coil prevent you from stepping over the precipice of choice? What if you had a whole new you awaiting the possibility of failure to come into existence?

Regeneration is survival on Tau Station and with the technology of Anima Foundation, your incubating clone is just one misstep away from waking. Buying and gestating a clone can ensure that even your most dangerous choices don’t have to be final. In fact, you could be growing a whole new you with the choice of genotype if your credits are good. But be forewarned, a clone can only wake on a station outfitted with a clone vat and only with the stats you had when ordering it. Choices of 3D Printed, Vat Grown, and Premium clones await your purchase. With a clone gestating you can step into the darkness of adventure and chart your own path.

A clone vat