Closed Alpha: Tip of the Day #13 – Action Flag

Tip of the Day

Lost your way in Tau Station? Languishing with a lack of direction? Keep your eyes open for the Action Flag!

The Action Flag is the small orange icon that you’ll see on some of the game’s tabs. This little symbol serves as your compass to the people and places that have possible actions awaiting you.

Snippet of the University, the people tab has the Action Icon

An Action Flag on a location means that there’s a regular or “discreet” mission available or, it could mean that there’s something to do for a side job or a mission you’re already on. On the People tab, such as above, the flag means you have someone to speak with to start or continue a mission. Lastly, having the flag on the area tab (the leftmost tab, named “University” in the screenshot above) means there’s a more general mission action to take, such as searching for a spaceship in the ruins, or repairing an airlock.

The Action Flag is your indicator with complex missions and side jobs to help you follow the storyline of Tau Station because you often need to explore the stations to find mission NPCs. This is an important difference to know, compared to other features like career tasks, where a list of locations and actions is almost available. Search the station for Action Flags or talk to other explorers in chat. Maybe someone will tell you where they found another mission giver…

Whether your next step involves following up on a mission investigation, or a little Discreet Work , the Action Flag icon is there to guide you through the deep darkness of space. If you see this icon, there is an activity of interest awaiting you along your journey, whether a person, place, or task, career, or side job step of importance.

The action icon