Closed Alpha Test: Liftoff!

Happy New Year 2018 to everyone – let’s continue the fireworks! The on-boarding to our first spaceship is done and the Closed Alpha Test flight to Tau Station is starting today. All tickets for the 100 available seats have been taken, the invitation emails have been sent. Read below the status update and check the list if you snatched one of the tester accounts.

Thanks a lot to everyone who invested time to do the survey. We are happy and amazed to see how many people want to support the game with testing and feedback, even while it is still in development. See below if you are one of the 100 who can explore Tau Station now and help us making it even better for everybody for the live launch later.

List of Closed Alpha Test participants

The screen names of participants that have been chosen are listed in alphabetical order below. Aliases that had to be changed to match the naming conventions and technical recommendations, are marked with an *. In most cases this was to address spaces. We were so heartened by how many of you applied for tester positions. We sadly couldn’t take everyone, but this has motivated us to work even harder to get the game ready for everyone as soon as possible.


Adeahan, Aentaro, ange, angel, Ascorbin, Ashlynn-Wayfarer*,
BeerBikesBBQ, Beez, Blindbat84, blinkfink182, bnari, Bowman42, bugZ,
buzzlightyear, Charlie66, Chemifox, Chiz, CROOKEDFOOT, Crowbear


dakunier, darclad, Dark-Helmet*, Dawngreeter, Deiyama, detritus,
devlin*, DianaMoon, Dingo, Dr-Oh*, DudlakCZ, Ellimist, fastfinge,
Fizzblizz, foks, Fredfrogmorton, Gallo, Gaspar, Geofox,
Gerard-Gauloises*, GiantDave, gizmomathboy, Gothique


Holophrastic, Ilbmik, InspectorDetector, Ishvii, Jace, Jessi, Jo-jo*, Kai*,
Kalai, KiIIjoy, Kikka, Konquerdukai, Lexus, Luceus, mac420, Marx,
Meister-Yoda, minskman, Mogrim, MoHaX, myrrvin


naxi, NerdOnFire, noahcous, nrc, Nudd, Oneknown, OofOuchOwie,
Originate, Orinks, Perleone, PlazmaKitten, quantum, Remi, Remo, rjbs,
ryn1x, Satyrlike, Sayyadina, Scimon, Shadow, shul, simbabque*,
Sir-Aves, StainlessRat, swigs-23*


T4NK, TardisX, Territorial, TintinWasAFraud, Toumasvar, Tunebug, Vovus, Warcat, xsawyerx*, Yong-Jyothi-Tan*, yordstorm-1, zecho

If your screen name is listed, but you didn’t receive the invitation email, please check your spam filter. In case you cannot find the message, please get in touch with us (, using the same email address you provided in the survey. We will get back to you as soon as possible to make sure you can join the Closed Alpha Test.

What are next steps?

  • The Closed Alpha blog post contains many details about the test
  • 100 Community members received an invitation email today and can now start testing and providing feedback for approx. 2 weeks
  • FAQ and contact data to our Community team are available on the internal forums
  • We will keep everyone posted about next steps and plans via blog posts, on Facebook and Twitter as usual. For now, we will focus on further development and listening to the tester’s feedback.

A few onboarding tips

For the Closed Alpha Test you will have no tutorial because we want to see what you do. However, here are a few tips:

Tau Station has been built as a world to live in. As in real life, you probably need to find a job, and it might not be enough to make ends meet. Therefore, take the time to look around for another way to make money. Take the time to talk to people. You might earn a few more credits and you might also learn more about the universe you are living in. Knowledge is power – never forget that.

While talking about knowledge, you might want to visit the University. With modern technology, knowledge is just an injection away, and it could mean the difference between life and death, wealth and poverty, or power and powerlessness.

And don’t forget to find all the ways you can train your stats. Unlike many other games, you don’t get more stats just for leveling up: you have to work hard to boost them. You might just find yourself at a very high level, but with lower stats than everyone else if you don’t put in the time to advance them!

And one last little tip: in a post-apocalyptic world, food and water are a luxury. Visit the Government Center and manage your rations well as they are the only way for you to keep up with the hardship of life on a space station. The good news for you is that Tau Station is a safe haven. “Safe haven” is a nice euphemism for “highly secure station,” but do not make the mistake of believing it’s the same everywhere…

Good luck and welcome to Tau Station.
Let’s make it happen together!

In case of questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
StarGazer, for the entire (excited) Tau Station team