Citizen Council: Voting Day!

Greetings citizens! Today you can decide which Citizen Council candidate you want to support. Read on to see all facts on the election process. You will be able to vote until 201.42/00:000 GCT. Good luck to all the candidates and thanks again for your willingness to invest your time for the good of our Community.

Cycle 201, day 41 is Voting Day!

We’re very happy to conduct the election for the first Citizen Council. If you didn’t hear about our new Community institution before, you can find all the details on our recent blog post. The main goal is reach a higher level of cooperate the player base¬† while also improving transparency in both directions. Every Community member who has reached level 4 or beyond and was active at least once during the last tenspan (10 days), is entitled to vote for 1 of the 12 candidates before 201.42/00:000 GCT (15th March, 11:59 pm GMT).

How to Vote?

There is a special Citizen on Tau Station by the name of CitizenCouncil2019 who will be collecting your votes. All you need to do is send a personal message/email to this character. For the email’s subject and text, please use the name of the candidate you want to vote for. Make a wise decision, because your first vote is also your only vote! If you want to verify that you really voted, please check your sent messages as the character is a dedicated to their task and won’t be replying to questions.

Profile page of the election commissioner, named [staff] CitizenCouncil2019

In a nutshell

  • Preconditions: level 4 or higher & you were active at least once during the last tenspan
  • Candidates: A list and their statements is in the CORETECHS and in our blog
  • 1 Vote: You can vote for 1 candidate (only first vote counts)
  • Start: 201.41/00:000 GCT (Friday, 15th March, 00:00 GMT)
  • End:¬†201.42/00:000 GCT (Friday, 15th March, 11:59 pm GMT)
  • Voting: Send a message to CitizenCouncil2019 using your candidate’s name for the email’s subject & text

Next steps after the Election

After the voting day, we’ll compile the voting results early next week. This includes checks on every citizen’s entitlement. Once this is done, we will share the results with you on the dedicated CORETECHS page in Tau Station, via Facebook, Twitter, and we’ll update this article as well.

The Citizen with the most votes becomes the Chairman, and the council members will elect their board in their meeting. No matter how the results turn out, with your supportive attitude, every candidate is already a winner who has our appreciation. Thank you!

Our team is really looking forward to this special cooperation and we will organize frequent appointments and the information flow processes with the Council soon. Your representatives will keep everyone updated by sharing reports with you.

Update, 19th of March

Here are the results (which are also shown on the updated CORETECHS page). Next, the members will elect their board. Thanks to all participants and to all candidates!

Result screenshot of the CORETECHS page, the ranking is with votes in brackets: 1. moritz (27), 2. Dotsent (11), 3. Ortis (9), 3. Geno-Asterkin (9), 5. Geoff (8), 6. Suryavarman-III (7), 6. Shadow (7), 8. Xierumeng (6), 9. AndreaEntangle (3), 9. quasidart (3), 11. Anthony-Wang (2), 12. ceej (1)