Citizen Council Election #3 – Verification Period starting soon

citizen council election 3 verification period

The application window for the next Community election is closing soon! If you want to be on the Citizen Council, check out today’s blog to learn more about what to expect in the coming days…

Don’t miss your chance to be a member of the Citizen Council and apply before the 2nd of June (213.15/99:999 GCT).

The phases of the Citizen Council election with: application, verification, promotion, and the election

Overview – The Dates!

1. Submission Period: Ending soon!

Do you want to become a candidate for the election? Get a move on Citizen, the application phase will end overnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

  • End: 1st of June, end of day (213.15/99:999 GCT).
  • E-Mail: Send us an email about your willingness to apply, including your citizen name to

2. Verification Period: Starting soon!

We will verify that all candidates meet the selected criteria. If you haven’t heard from us yet, we will get in touch with every applicant via email (please check your spam folders), asking for NDA details and a personalized promotion text about why the Community should vote for you.

  • Start: 2nd of June GMT (213.16/00:000 GCT)
  • End: 15th of June GMT, end of day (213.29/99:999 GCT)

3. Promotion Period

All approved candidates can promote themselves in phase three. If you want to get an impression how that works, check out what the first Council members have written. The personal texts of the candidates will be showcased right in the game, on the Council page.

  • Start: 16th of June GMT (213.30/00:000 GCT)
  • End: 29nd of June GMT, end of day (213.43/99:999 GCT)

4. Election Period = 7 days

The election will last for 7 days. A special character in Tau Station will collect all votes via game mails. Details will be shared in following posts.

  • Start: 30th of June GMT (213.44/00:000 GCT)
  • End: 6th of July GMT, end of day (213.50/99:999 GCT)

The results will be announced a few days after the election has ended, with the Citizen Council page updating to show the newly elected board.

About the Citizen Council

For those who don’t know what the CC does, have a look at the special Citizen Council section in your CORETECHS. There, you can also find the current board members and dedicated forums.