Citizen Council Election #2 – Voting Week!

As of today, our Community deliberates on the next Citizen Council.  Vote for the candidate you want to support during the next 7 days. Good luck to all the candidates and thanks again for your willingness to invest your time for the good of our Community.

Voting Week until 203.91 GCT

We’re very happy to conduct the election for the second Citizen Council. All information about our beloved special Community institution can be found right in Tau Station.

Compared to the very first election, a few details have been changed. As requested from you, the election lasts now 7 days instead of only 1 day. Secondly, the new Council will be elected for 3 cycles (300 days).

How to Vote?

A specially modified citizen resides on Tau Station by the name of CitizenCouncil2019, they will be collecting your votes. All you need to do is send an in-game email directly to this character. Please make sure to use the name of the candidate you want to vote for in the subject and text.  Make a wise decision, because your first vote counts! If you want to verify that you really voted, please check your sent messages as the character is quite dedicated to their task and will be unable to reply to questions.

Profile page of the election commissioner, named [staff] CitizenCouncil2019

In case you’ve already made your decision about your favorite candidate, click here to send your vote email to CitizenCouncil2019 now.

In a nutshell

  • Preconditions: level 4 or higher & you were active at least once during the last tenspan (10 days).
  • Candidates: See all applicants and their statements from within the CORETECHS.
  • 1 Vote: You can vote for 1 candidate (the first mail/vote counts).
  • Start: 203.84/00:000 GCT (Wednesday, 13th November, 00:00 GMT).
  • End: 203.91/00:000 GCT (Wednesday, 19th November, 11:59 pm GMT).
  • Voting: Send a message to CitizenCouncil2019 using your candidate’s name for the email’s subject & text.

Next steps after the Election

After the voting week, we’ll compile the results. This includes checks on every citizen’s entitlement. Once this is done, we will share the results with you on our channels like the blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

We’ll update the Citizen Council page in your CORETECHS a bit later as well, after the Council members have decided on their roles. The Citizen with the most votes becomes the Chairman, and the council members will elect their board during their meeting.


Happy Voting, Citizens!