Citizen Council Election #2 – Verification Period starting soon

The candidate verification period is fast approaching, and that means the window for applying to be a council candidate is closing soon! Check out today’s blog to learn more about what to expect in the coming days…

This weekend is your last chance to apply to be a member of the Citizen Council (specific deadline times below).  We’re happy to see both new and former applicants, but would like to remind everyone that time is running out. Don’t miss your chance to join your Community institution and continue the brilliant work of the first Council.

In the future, new Councils will be elected for a period of 3 cycles (300 days).

Overview – The Dates!

1. Submission Period: Ending soon!

Do you want to become a CC candidate for the election? Hurry up, the application phase will end in the night from Sunday to Monday (which are day names we actually do not know in our Tauverse ^^).

  • End: 13th of October GMT, end of day (203.54/00:000 GCT)
  • E-Mail: Send your application via email with your citizen name to

2. Verification Period: Starting soon!

We will verify that candidates meet the criteria. If it didn’t happen already, we will get in touch with every applicant via email (please check your spam folders), asking for NDA details and a personal promotion text about why the Community should vote for you.

  • Start: 14th of October GMT (203.54/00:000 GCT)
  • End: 27th of October GMT, end of day (203.68/00:000 GCT)

3. Promotion Period

All the approved candidates can promote themselves. If you want to get an impression how it works, check out what the first Council candidates wrote. The personal texts of the candidates will be showcased right in the game, on the Council page.

  • Start: 28th of October GMT (203.68/00:000 GCT)
  • End: 10th of November GMT, end of day (203.82/00:000 GCT)

4. Election Period = 7 days

  • Start: 11th of November GMT (203.82/00:000 GCT)
  • End: 17th of November GMT, end of day (203.89/00:000 GCT)

About the Citizen Council

For those who don’t know what the CC does, there’s a brief summary below. (You can also find more details in the original blog which introduced the feature in January 2019).

Final Note: Next week…!

UI screenshot of the upcoming new storage management in your CORETECHS. The full-screen shows many items, the counter states 122 with several filters being activated, to show only items of tier 2 and tier 3 that are rare. A slogan claims "The update is very close!"

In the past few days we’ve had some intense testing sessions for the new update. It’s very close, so buckle up for next week!

StarGazer for the entire Tau Station team