Citizen Council: Candidate Profiles (Part 6)

With today’s post, we conclude our series showcasing all 12 candidates for the first Citizen Council. And please save the date; the election will be conducted on March 15th (Friday).

No matter the result, we’d like to thank all 12 candidates, because you’re offering a great service to the Community! This said, here are the statements of two candidates whose names may already be familiar to you: ceej and Shadow.

ceej’ statement

If you want to send a message, please visit the Citizen profile.

Screenshot of ceej's public profile page

hello all tau universe.

my name is ceej and i am up for citizen council.

i have leadership experience in real life and game worlds, but i also have plenty of time on my hands.

my goal is to make tau station as easy, fun and user-friendly as possible and be an effective liason between players and the “powers that be”.

Shadows’ statement

If you want to send a message, please visit the Citizen profile.

Screenshot of Shadow's public profile page

Greetings, fellow Citizens!

Ser Shadow here, canvassing for your votes for the Tau Citizens Council. I’m one of the few remaining “Ovidians”–those who have been here since the earliest stage of alpha testing. Like you, I see amazing potential in Tau Station. As a former game designer, I also have a healthy respect for the innumerable demands under which our Tau Station team labors every day. I see a primary goal of the Citizens Council as helping the designers prioritize the changes we’d like to see.

One of the changes I hope to push for early on is streamlining the Citizens Council process itself. As it stands now, it can take over three months from proposal before something even gets a response from the staff. While I understand the staff’s desire not to be overwhelmed with requests, this seems unnecessarily bureaucratic for most cases.

Apart from that, my role as a Council member would generally include:

  • Encouraging community members to express concerns and suggestions, privately if that is preferred.
  • Listening with an open mind to all such suggestions and concerns.
  • Asking questions and soliciting feedback from all sides on any given issue, to make sure I understand all positions, regardless of whether I personally agree.
  • Making my own suggestions and seeking reasonable compromise whenever possible, both with the staff and between competing community members.
  • Communicating frequently with the community and providing regular updates on discussions between Council and staff, so everyone knows what progress is (or is not) being made and why.
  • Always being honest and forthright with the community, the Council, and the staff.
  • Subjecting everyone to occasional horrible paronomasias.

One caveat, in the interest of full disclosure: I have a strong personal antipathy for PvP. There will undoubtedly be better advocates on the Council.

Participation is key. So please vote, even if it’s not for me!

About the Citizen Council

The Citizen Council is a new institution of your Community with elected members who will have frequent meetings with the staff team of Tau Station. This way we can discuss topics, priorities and share insights into both directions. All details can be found in the recent announcement.

The current promotion period will end on the 14th of March, end of day (201.41/00:000 GCT). The election is then conducted on the 15th of March. You can also find the list of all 12 candidates, including their statements, in the CORETECHS – Citizen Council.

List of the candidates we introduced earlier in this series: