Citizen Council: Candidate Profiles (Part 5)


The first Citizen Council election is fast approaching! In the meantime, we still have 4 more candidates to present for you.

In this second-to-last article, we’re happy to share the statements of our valued Community members Ortis and Xierumeng. As a friendly reminder, please use the opportunity of getting in touch with the candidates via chat or in-game message.

Ortis’ statement

If you want to send a message, please visit the Citizen profile.

Screenshot of Ortis' public profile page

I want to be on the council to bring a gamer voice.

My main interests are in the economy module and the fairness of the combat.

Xierumeng’s statement

If you want to send a message, please visit the Citizen profile.

Screenshot of Xierumeng's public profile page

Introduction: About me

I am a Canadian university student playing Tau Station since April 2018. What originally led me to this game was its text-based role-play and its promise of realism (i.e. following the laws of physics). When I joined, I was surprised and impressed by the richness of the world, with many descriptive areas, characters (both players and NPC’s), and items, as well as the welcoming community. I am also pleased that the game is accessible to the visually impaired, allowing a greater population to enjoy Tau Station. During the course of 10 months, new features such as private spaceships, syndicates and campaigns, and new systems to explore were introduced, thanks to the wonderful staff team. In the future, I expect even more exciting things to come!

Platform: My actions

As a member of the Citizen Council, I will be representing you, the players, to the staff of Tau Station. Both present and future will be discussed during meetings. I promise to:

  • attend all Citizen Council meetings for discussion on current items.
  • consider seriously and carefully all issues and suggestions brought to me by the playerbase.
  • bring to the attention of the Citizen Council and staff new relevant issues and suggestions.
  • identify solutions in consultation with the players and staff.
  • make Tau Station an even more amazing game to play.
  • create a clone army to defend the Galactic Republic from the Confederacy of Independent Systems (colloquially known as separatists). (Just kidding!) đŸ˜›

There are several specific items that I would like to address:

  • Combat:
    Combat revolves primarily around stats, leading to an unfavourable situation where new players may be unable to catch up with players with higher ones. I would like to see a better balance to allow newcomers a fighting chance. I would also like to see more support roles not involved in direct combat (e.g. medic, engineer, artillery, sniper, etc.).
  • Player-player interaction:
    Direct interaction with other players characters is primarily combat. As with support roles, I would like to see more cooperative interactions (such as a player bringing you out of a clone vat, another player helping you repair your ship, someone arguing for an early release from the brig, etc.).
  • Spaceships:
    Antimatter fuel is extremely expensive, and price is currently proportional to station level. I would like to see how to reduce these costs, given that new systems will be even more distant from Sol.
  • Crafting and trading:
    I would like to see a crafting and trading system implemented, where players get to mine, salvage, craft, buy, and sell things (possibly in bulk with new spaceships). As a solution to the fuel price, perhaps hauling and selling antimatter to others?
  • Stations and characters:
    I would like to see new stations and NPC’s, with their own lore and stories.
  • Missions:
    I would like to play new missions. Perhaps the community can come up with their own story to present to staff?
  • Clones:
    Clones are people too! I would like to see clones voting for their preferred candidate. (*cough* me *cough*) đŸ™‚

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. What do YOU want to see in Tau Station?

Vote for me (please)!


About the Citizen Council

The Citizen Council is a new institution of your Community with elected members who will have frequent meetings with the staff team of Tau Station. This way we can discuss topics, priorities and share insights into both directions. All details can be found in the recent announcement.

The current promotion period will end on the 14th of March, end of day (201.41/00:000 GCT). The election is then conducted on the 15th of March. You can also find the list of all 12 candidates, including their statements, in the CORETECHS – Citizen Council.

List of the candidates we introduced earlier in this series: