Citizen Council: Candidate Profiles (Part 2)

Last Friday, the promotion phase for the Citizen Council candidates officially started. This phase will last for 2 weeks. Today, we’re presenting you with another two candidates that you’ll be able to elect on March 15th.

The first two candidates were recently presented in our Friday blog post. Time to showcase the next duo that many of you might already know from the game chat as well: AndreaEntangle and quasidart!

AndreaEntangle’s statement

If you want to send a message, please visit the Citizen profile.

Screenshot of Andrea Entangle's public profile page

Dear pilots, explorers and citizens of Tau Universe,

I’m feeling very excited about being part of this election as a candidate.

I believe, it will strengthen our community, helps us to achieve our goals in a more productive way.

I’m willing to listen the needs of our community and do my best to prioritize our issues and wishes. This, actually what I have been doing in our syndicate from the day I join.

I’m 39 years old, happily married and proud father of two cats! I have also experience in corporate management, which I own one. (attended 500+ board meetings at least) At the moment, I stepped back and only attend important meetings and events, so I have plenty of time to myself and my hobbies.

All in all, I hope everyone benefits from this opportunity and know that I will do everything in my power to be your voice, will make sure they will be heard.

Andrea Entangle

quasidart’s statement

If you want to send a message, please visit the Citizen profile.

Screenshot of quasidart's public profile page

Hi folks!

I’m Quasidart, and I’d like to represent you on the Citizen Council!

I’ve been playing Tau Station for most of a year. When I first started, receiving a welcome gift really shaped my impression of the community here; since then, I’ve enjoyed giving back to the community, both in-game (helping out in chat, sending welcome gifts, and in-syndicate loans) and with community projects (contributing to the Tau Guide, the wiki, and public userscripts). Now that a Citizen’s Council is being formed, I would love to contribute further by more formally representing the players’ interests to the staff.

We all want Tau Station to succeed. As part of attracting & retaining players, it needs to appeal to many styles of gameplay. With that in mind, I would advocate for players & features regardless of play style, focusing more on keeping a good balance between them. (I do have my own preferences for “what makes Tau fun”, of course, but maintaining a good balance is far more important to Tau as a whole.)

Along those lines, I do feel that the balance needs to shift back towards more styles of positive player interactions. As one example, allowing passengers on ships could have immediate positive returns today (a fast interstellar shuttle service, a party bus for syndicate campaigns, etc.), and would also open up collaboration opportunities for Ice Mining & other proposed future features.

Anyway, I’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions, hit me up in chat or send email; I’m online fairly often, either active or keeping a chat window up in the background.

Looking towards the future,

About the Citizen Council

The Citizen Council is a new institution of your Community with elected members who will have frequent meetings with the staff team of Tau Station. This way we can discuss topics, priorities and share insights into both directions. All details can be found in the recent announcement.

The current promotion period will end on the 14th of March, end of day (201.41/00:000 GCT). The election is then conducted on the 15th of March. You can also find the list of all 12 candidates, including their statements, in the CORETECHS – Citizen Council.